Elemental Herbology

Fire Zest Body Infusion Massage Oil (5 fl.oz.)

$25 $50

A revitalizing massage experience, providing a stimulatory effect and an increased sense of energy.

Why you'll love it?

Formulated with premium, natural oils, this infusion massage oil has been carefully crafted to emulate the Fire Element of Traditional Chinese Medicine, increasing alertness and vitality.

What's in and out?

  • Basil's active components may stimulate digestion, promote respiration, and encourage alertness while assisting in reducing stress levels.
  • Citrusy Sweet Orange & Tangerine scents stimulate increased circulation, providing the body with invigorating vitality.
  • Rosemary's therapeutic properties include anti-inflammatory effects and the promotion of mental acuity.
  • 100% free from synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), parabens and mineral oils. Vegan and gluten-free.

Suitable for:

All skin types.