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Aromatic Soap Collection- Buy 1, get 1

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This Aromatic Soap Collection offers a unique and captivating experience, allowing users to explore the world's most magnificent beauty rituals.

Why you'll love it?

These natural formulas feature 100% botanical ingredients supplemented with olive and coconut oils, providing a nourishing cleanse and leaving skin feeling silky and refreshed. With no palm oil included, their use is ideal for those with particularly sensitive skin, and their subtle scent is a delightful bonus.

  • Aromatic Soap from Siam (Thailand): Sacred essences from the Kingdom of Siam  unveils the comforting natural aromatic concentrate of Bergamot and Guaiac Wood.
  • Aromatic Soap from Bangalore, India: Enchanting fragrances from the Taj Mahal gardens reveals a warm blend of Vanilla and Cardamom that encompasses the skin like a subtle, relaxing breeze.
  • Aromatic Soap from Luxor, Egypt:  a contemporary adaptation of Kyphi, the first fragrance composition from Ancient Egypt, this uniquely bewitching scent contains precious essential oils of Papyrus, Egyptian Cumin and Cinnamon leaves
Natural bar soap with essential oils. Gift Set. Scented soap set
Aromatic Soap Collection- Buy 1, get 1 Sale price$50.00