Cinq Mondes

Aromatic Soap Collection

$40 $50
Each soap in this Aromatic Soap Set unveils a unique essence for a captivating voyage to the most wonderful Beauty Rituals of the World®. Their natural formulas are palm oil free and contain 100% botanical ingredients enriched with olive and coconut oils that cleanse and nourish skin while offering absolute respect for the most sensitive skin. They envelope the skin with a delicate aroma and a nourishing, silky finish.
  • Aromatic Soap from Siam: Sacred essences from the Kingdom of Siam  unveils the comforting natural aromatic concentrate of Bergamot and Guaiac Wood.
  • Aromatic Soap from Bangalore, India: Enchanting fragrances from the Taj Mahal gardens reveals a warm blend of Vanilla and Cardamom that encompasses the skin like a subtle, relaxing breeze.
  • Aromatic Soap from Luxor, Egypt:  a contemporary adaptation of Kyphi, the first fragrance composition from Ancient Egypt, this uniquely bewitching scent contains precious essential oils of Papyrus, Egyptian Cumin and Cinnamon leaves

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