Cinq Mondes

Kaolin & Herbs Purifying Mask (2 fl.oz.)

A deeply detoxifying white clay mask that leaves your complexion purified, smooth and radiant. Based on a traditional beauty recipe from the Middle East, this treatment mask is a quick weekly solution for combination or oily skin types. The purifying power of natural Kaolin (clay), Organic Grapefruit and Henna extracts reveal a glowing, even complexion in only 10-15minutes!
  • Kaolin pure clay, known for its oil balancing and detoxifying properties
  • Henna purifying and protective
  • Grapefruit a natural, mild exfoliant to boost cell-renewal and tone the skin
  • Rosemary & Sage both naturally astringent and antiseptic, benefiting oily/combo skin types
Do you have combination skin? Use a layering technique by first applying a fine layer of Cinq Mondes 7 Chinese Plants Intense Moisturizing Mask and then add another layer of the Kaolin & Herbs Mask. Your skin will be radiantly supple and purified!

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