Cinq Mondes

Nectar from Brazil In-Shower Moisturizer (5 fl.oz.)


No time to moisturize in the morning? The Nectar from Brazil is the new solution for quick and effective body moisturizing. Combining the antioxidant and toning effects of Camu-Camu, a bush growing in the Amazon rain forest, with Coconut Water which softens skin and provides a quick moisture surge. After washing under the shower, apply this in-shower moisturizer to still wet skin, then rinse while gently massaging into skin. Your skin is left soft, fresh and incredibly moisturized. 

  • Camu-Camu is 30% more potent in Vitamin C then a Kiwi. A true anti-oxidant for protecting skin and boosting its radiance.
  • Coconut Water replaces lost moisture in the skin and has an evocative and fresh aroma
  • Lime Pulp with a crisp and fruity, awakening aroma

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