Cinq Mondes

Comforting Phyto-Aromatic Shower & Bath Oil of Siam (6.8 fl.oz.)


Stress, pollution, etc... Our physical and mental balance is constantly being put to test! Regenerate your body and spirit with superior quality, natural essential oils that can be used in a comforting bath or while you shower! This oil combines the power of Chromotherapy (natural colors derived from plants) with Aromatherapy + the ancient philosophy of the Chinese Five Elements.

This Comforting Phyto-Aromatic oil is based on ancient rituals from Siam (Thailand) and combines the balancing properties of Bergamot and Guaiac Wood to provide an aromatherapeutic benefit that nurtures and creates a feeling of being grounded. Skin is left healthy, glowing and lightly scented for the natural aromas.

  • Its unique formula can be used as either a bath oil or shower oil. Its natural oils gently foam when applied to the skin with water.
  • For the bath, add two capfuls and soak for 15-20 minutes. Or, while showering lather into the skin.
  • Its yellow color is naturally-derived from the essential oils, no synthetic color added.

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