Elemental Herbology

Harmony "Me Time" Duo (Value $72)


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Create a de-stressing, spa experience at-home with this essential duo containing the Elemental Herbology Harmony Bath & Body Oil and matching aromatic, 100% soy-based candle based on the Chinese Five Element theory. Draw a warm bath, light the candle and unwind.

  1. Earth Harmony Bath & Body Oil (5oz): Inspired by the Earth element of Traditional Chinese Medicine, natural, high-quality oils of Cedarwood, Mandarin and Lime combine to restore equilibrium and center the mind when you most need it. Use as a bath oil or apply to the body as a hydrating body oil after a bath or shower.
  2. Earth Balance Aromatherapy Candle: The Earth Candle creates an oasis to relax, unwind and de-stress from the day. Based on the Earth element of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this candle combines natural aromas of Cedarwood, Mandarin, Frankincense and Geranium for a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy up to 45 hours burn time.

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Earth Harmony Bath & Body Oil: Draw a warm bath and add in 2-3 pumps of the oil into the tub. In addition, this oil can be used on the body to hydrate skin after a bath or shower, or as needed.

Earth Balance Aromatherapy Candle: Light candle and enjoy. After 5 or 6 hours of use, extinguish the candle to allow the wax to cool. Cut and lightly clean the wick before re-lighting.