The Nature Gardens Of Sebastian Kneipp

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See how the natural healing powers of the garden can help you in this far reaching volume complied by Dr. Hans Horst Frohlich. At its heart is Sebastian Kneipp’s best-selling nineteenth-century guide to plants and herbs. While his knowledge is founded on ancient traditions, the benefits of many of these medicinal herbs have been verified by modern scientists, and most are still used successfully today. Here you’ll find many of them described: coltsfoot can provide relief from hoarseness, coughs, colds, and bronchitis, for example, while bog bean is recommended for a weak stomach. Look up treatments—Frohlich includes remedies and lifestyle suggestions categorized by condition. If you have trouble sleeping, drinking hot chamomile tea and milk sweetened with honey is calming. Can’t concentrate? Ginseng root capsules are just what you need. Enlivening the pages are beautiful color photographs of flora taken in Kneipp’s native Bavaria.

Author: Hans Horst Frohlich
ISBN: 0806957972
Publish Date: 1997
Format: Trade Paperback
Dimensions: 212 pages, 9.5”x 10.5”
Illustrations: Full-color Photos