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Article: 4 winter survival beauty hacks- from hydration to anti-frizz

4 winter survival beauty hacks- from hydration to anti-frizz

4 winter survival beauty hacks- from hydration to anti-frizz

Its that time of year again, when the cold weather is being tough on us – dry skin, chapped lips and even your hair might be suffering.  Cold, dry air mixed with indoor warm air is a recipe for dehydration. Here, we’re giving you our best winter beauty hacks using a few of our most prized products:

1. Use a cleanser that adds moisture into the skin, not removes it

A Cleansing Balm!  It is a thicker, velvety-rich cleanser made from natural oils that effectively remove all traces of make-up and the day's impurities, without stripping the skin of its own natural oils.  Meaning, skin is left supple, hydrated but completely and deeply cleansed. And, unlike other cleansers, most cleansing balms can be used around or on the eyes to melt-away eye makeup.

Did you know? Cleansers with alcohol can strip your skin barrier and dry your it out further. 

Winter Survival Cleanser: The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser or Cinq Mondes Flowers Cleansing Balm

2. Up the ante of your moisturizer with a few drops of a nourishing facial oil

Facial oils are like food for your skin, and when you feel like your moisturizer just isn’t keeping you hydrated all day long, consider adding a few drops of a facial oil directly into it. You can do this as needed, morning or night. Facial oils are incredibly nurturing and are packed full of essential fatty acids that help regulate hydration and protect the skin barrier. They are essential for all skin, improving skin elasticity, suppleness and providing skin a softer texture. A skin that has a good oil balance has improved absorption of nutrients from your serums and moisturizers. You can even apply a thicker layer of just as facial oil as your nighttime moisturizer- you'll be impressed how good your skin looks and feels come morning!

Winter survival facial oil: Elemental Herbology Calm & Soothe Facial Oil or Cinq Mondes Nourishing Precious Elixir

3. Use an express mask treatment when your skin needs it most

“Apres-ski”, post-flight or skin needs intense hydration? Opt for a mask treatment that provides skin an immediate result using the concentrated power of active ingredients, in only 15-20 minutes. The bonus? You can soak up all the self-care feelings while its working – kick back and watch your favorite show or take a soothing bath while the mask is resting.

Winter survival mask: Cinq Mondes Express Recovery Biocellulose Mask or Elemental Herbology Facial Soufflé Ultra-Rich Cream

4. Dry air causing a frizz-fest?

The lack of moisture in the air in winter can lead to some serious frizz after your morning blow-out. Our best advise is don’t wash everyday - on average, it’s a good rule of thumb to only wash hair every 3 days. Give your hair a chance to produce its natural oils, that will keep hair hydrated and lead to more tame, good hair days when the temps are cold. As an extra shield to frizz use a hair oil. It is so important in anyone’s daily hair routines – natural oils are smoothing, soothing and shine-enhancing. And, they add oil to what dry hair is lacking – oil!

Winter survival hair oil: Cinq Mondes Sublime Hair & Body Oil


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