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Acne Skincare Products for Oily and Congested Skin

Are you breaking out? Don’t worry. We’ve got the perfect skincare for congested skin. Oily, congested, or acneic skin is characterized by a shiny appearance, enlarged pores, or visible imbalances and blemishes. Whether you only suffer from occasional excess oil during hot or humid months during hormonal imbalances or on the regular, our hand-picked selection of acne skincare products will help get you back to a clear complexion.

These acne skincare products contain purifying and anti-bacterial botanicals that keep excess oil at bay and your pores free from congestion. Our selection includes a diverse range of skincare products for oily skin, from cleansers to serums, giving you support for an effective routine. Shop our acne skincare products today to help achieve healthy and clear skin in no time.

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The beautyprophet difference

 We have a passion for natural and results driven, superior quality products, and pride ourselves on the brands we offer to you. We scrutinize products to ensure they are formulated with integrity and devoid of known skin violators (parabens, silicones, artificial colors and/or harmful ingredients). What we promise is that anything we sell has been tested and passes our highest standard for quality.