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Article: 5 skin tips to transition from winter to spring

5 skin tips to transition from winter to spring
Skin Care

5 skin tips to transition from winter to spring

The rhythmic pattern of the seasons alters what we eat, our energy levels, our mood, how we look, feel and most importantly, how we take care of our skin. As the seasons change, so should our skincare routines. Your complexion has taken a toll from exposure to winter’s elements – which can cause excessive dryness because of low moisture levels in the air. So, you’ve probably been piling on the layers (and we mean onto your skin, in addition to the warm sweaters) to ward off the dryness and keep skin plump. The good news is, we are entering spring, which means there will be a higher level of humidity in the air and even higher as we move into summer.

Here are our tips to make the transition from winter to spring seamless so you can reach your skin goals year-round:

Tip#1: Exfoliate with AHAs
As we kick winter to the curb, its time to shed those damaged, dry layers once and for all. As spring rolls in, our skin naturally has a response, which will require exfoliation to maintain its balance. Using natural alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are essential for purifying, removing the dead skin cells and for prompting new, healthy cells to grow. After all, it is called spring cleaning for a reason!
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Tip#2: Choose an oil-balancing AM cleanser
Let’s face it, once the warmer weather sets in, we all can struggle with a little shine. Step out of the door each morning armed and ready to fight it, with an oil-balancing, purifying, lighter-weight cleanser. If you are used to using a heavier cleanser in the PM, such as a cleansing balm for make-up removal, keep doing what you are doing. We suggest a cooling, gel cleanser for AM that prevents any congestion that make occur this season.
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Tip#3: Add in a vitamin C
If you aren’t using a Vitamin C in your regimen already, spring is the best time to add it- to prepare and protect your skin for the summer sun that is quickly approaching. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant and fights free-radical damage, preventing pre-mature aging. Therefore, it should be your go-to if aging skin and wrinkles are your concern, not to mention it also gives your skin a bright, radiant glow.
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Tip #4: Switch up your daily moisturizer
As the air warms up, your skin holds onto more water, meaning it doesn’t need as much hydration, and you’ll probably be spending more time outdoors. Depending on your needs, this is a time you might modify your moisturizer to a lighter, oil balancing option that also is rich in anti-oxidants to protect skin from pollution and environment aggressors.
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Tip #5: Stay hydrated
Maintaining the body’s water balance and staying properly hydrated is essential for your survival, a great way to hit the refresh button and clear out toxins –fewer toxins in the body means a clear and healthy complexion. So, drink up and get glowing this spring!

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