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As a veteran of the beauty industry, in many different capacities, I have learned an enormous amount in the world of beauty. So much, that I wanted to share the wisdom I have gained with you and everyone else!

As a young woman, I was told that I had a peaches and cream complexion, until I started using “makeup” and skin care products. Shortly later, my skin was no longer the blemish-free, beautiful complexion that I had previously.  I did not realize that I was actually using products that were causing my skin to breakout. I thought that I was doing my skin good by using a skincare regimen. This went on for years and I continued to make the problem worse by using more products that claimed to have the “solution” for breakouts.  I visited many derms, but the prescriptions provided no relief.

Until one day, the owner of a French skincare brand took me aside and whispered in my ear: “I can help you - if you follow my instructions.”  I did everything she suggested, exactly to her detail and the rest is history.  I entered into the world of skincare with a new awareness, a voracious appetite for quality products and an understanding of good vs. bad ingredients!  This changed everything in my life!

Today, our assortment of products at passes the quality test that I have set for myself. I hope you enjoy browsing the products and trying them out.  We are fortunate today because the beauty industry’s quality and knowledge on skincare has improved enormously. 

We will share our wisdom with you on-going in our blogs here in the BP Scoop-  hopefully covering topics that interest you. If you have specific skincare questions, please send us an email or comment below and we will try to share our knowledge so that we can guide you and help you make the right choices for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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