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Article: Fall beauty essentials to prepare for colder weather

Fall beauty essentials to prepare for colder weather
cinq mondes

Fall beauty essentials to prepare for colder weather

Happy first day of fall! Although it's always bittersweet to see summer go, we welcome the cooler, crisp air, pumpkin spice and the changing leaves. The new season is a time for us all to reset and change – so let’s talk skin. It's necessary to make some tweaks in your normal skincare routine this season to accommodate the drop in humidity and drier air, which in turn leads to dehydrated skin. Here’s our best tips:

1. Use a comforting cleansing balm

Cooling gel or mousse cleansers have been your best friend during the hot, humid months – they are great performers when it comes to keeping oil levels in check. But, continuing to use your standard summer cleansers could result in unnecessary dehydration. Opt for a nurturing cleansing balm rich in natural oils that effectively deep clean the pores, remove all makeup and balance oil but also properly hydrate skin with their emollient consistency’s. Don’t worry, they’re extremely effective and beneficial for all skin types, even an oilier or combo skin. (at least for PM use) 

We recommend:

Calm & Soothe Cleansing Balm from Elemental Herbology  
Carrot Butter Cleanser from The Organic Pharmacy


2. Repair summer’s damage with a Vitamin C serum

A daily dose of Vitamin C not only has the power to lighten any existing discoloration, but it also prevents future dark spots from forming and evens the skin tone.  Everyone should be using Vitamin C as part of a daily regimen, and when used over time, it can make an astounding, remarkable difference in your skin.

We recommend:

Vitamin C 15% Serum from The Organic Pharmacy  


3. Exfoliate to get rid of the old

Out with the old, in with the new. Exfoliating is so important post-summer to shed all those dead and damaged layers of skin, revealing a new fresh layer ready to soak up all those nurturing skincare formulas that help lock in hydration and protect the skin barrier as it gets colder. All it takes is 1-2x/per week and you can opt for a manual (grainy) exfoliator or an AHA (acid) based exfoliation. The result? Radiant, healthy and glowing skin.

We recommend:

Skin Resurfacing Multi-Acid Pads from Elemental Herbology


Seeds & Flowers Exfoliant from Cinq Mondes Paris




4. Start increasing hydration with a moisture mask

There’s nothing quite like slathering on a thick layer of hydration as you bask in an evening of self-care. Just 1x-2x a week will do to pamper skin with a moisture mask – and the great thing about them is that you can choose to sleep with the layer on your skin overnight (cream mask) or leave on for a quick 15-min SOS mask, depending on the formula.

We recommend:

Intense Comfort Cream from Cinq Mondes  
Honey & Jasmine Mask from The Organic Pharmacy


5. Reach for a thicker moisturizer

The oh-so-hot days of summer are behind us. This means, you can trade in those lightweight moisturizer formulas that keep the shine at bay, and reach for a thicker moisturizer that provides skin with ample hydration. When skin is properly hydrated, you are less likely to experience any unwanted dehydration lines and wrinkles.

We recommend:

Cell Plumping Moisturizer from Elemental Herbology  
Precious Day Cream from Cinq Mondes


6. Still use an SPF

Never go a day without it! Although summer pool days are behind us, that doesn’t mean we can leave the house without proper sun protection – it's important year-round. That final layer of SPF protects our skin from sun damage and premature aging. 

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