Floral water: how they’re an elixir of beauty for all skin

Floral waters smell like a dream, and are excellent toners for your skin. Used since ancient times, floral waters can be misted over the skin to tone, tighten pores, soothe and freshen after cleansing. They are wonderfully hydrating and calming for all skin types. You can use them as well throughout the day for a refreshing and soothing skin tonic.

How are floral waters made?

A detailed process, but we’ll break it down simply for you: Floral waters are obtained through a steam distillation process. During this process, the steam travels through the plants (its flowers, root and leaves) and the flowers' essential oils and aromatic molecules are then separated. The infused steam is transformed into a liquid (known as hydrosol) which contains a layer of essential oil on top. The essential oil is collected and separated, leaving the gorgeous floral water remaining for our beautifying pleasure.

Floral waters can be made from a huge array of plants, such as Chamomile, Lavender and Mint, but today we want to focus on the most luxurious way to pamper your skin, the notorious Rose Water:

Rose Water is known for its benefits for all skin, especially sensitive skin. 

It has amazing skin benefits with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. All of which help protect and restore the skin’s barrier function, balance oil production and naturally hydrate the skin for a healthy complexion. Bonus! You’ll also gain an aromatherapy benefit from Rose, which naturally helps calm, soothe and reduce anxiety. So, take a deep breath in and bask in its beautiful aroma.

You’ll love the Antioxidant Hydration Mist from Elemental Herbology- a 100% pure Rose Damask Water distilled from rose petals collected at sunrise when the oil content is the most precious and all petals are at their peak. Apply a few sprays evenly over the face and décolleté  after cleansing, before your facial serum and moisturizer.

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