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Article: Refresh your eye regimen & see the results

Refresh your eye regimen & see the results

Refresh your eye regimen & see the results

The delicate area around the eyes need special attention! The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on your entire body, the first to show signs of aging (hello crow’s feet) and an area that is easily dehydrated resulting in fine lines. All of that late-night TV binging, lack of sleep, excess sun exposure and facial expressions shows up in the form of lines and wrinkles, dark shadows and puffiness. So, no matter if you are in your 20’s, 30’s or upwards of 40’s, those peepers need an extra dose of attention and we have the best eye cream for your needs. Below, we’ll help you easily decide:

For everyday wrinkle prevention

If you aren’t accustomed to using a daily eye cream, then the 7 Chinese Plants Eye Contour from Cinq Mondes is a great starting place. Perfect for all skin types, this remarkable formula contains the power of 7 plants used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, resulting in rested and protected eyes. It’s a great option for “night owls” with tired eyes in the AM, because it contains a potent dose of caffeine to stimulate circulation to de-puff the eyes, and a 100% natural “skin tensor” for a visible tightening effect.

For an instant, red-carpet ready look

Sit back, relax and apply the easy-to-use Marine Eye Masks from reveel by MedSkin Solutions. An algae and mineral complex that have been cryogenically frozen, target the eye zones to instantly plump and define for visibly lifted skin. Activated at use with the included Hyaluronic Acid, after only 20 minutes, you will feel and see the immediate lifting action!

Firming + anti-oxidant protection

If you’ve been on your laptop, mobile devices or outdoors more in the past few months, then you should reach for the Resveratrol Concentrate Eye Cream from reveel by MedSkin Solutions. Resveratrol, derived from Japanese Knotweed, is a plant traditionally used in Chinese Medicine, and a potent antioxidant and cell-protector. It is clinically proven to neutralize free radicals and harmful environmental influences, such as blue-light and UV rays known to damage and age the skin.

The ultimate anti-aging support

Meet the Géto Suprême Eye & Lip Contour from Cinq Mondes containing the miracle anti-aging ingredient, Organic Géto extract from Okinawa, Japan, one of the world's Blue Zones. This 95% natural, fragrance-free formula does it all – and by ALL I mean, it has the rare ability to act as effectively in preventing signs of aging to correcting existing signs of aging, while also reducing dark circles and puffiness. 


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