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Article: Self-love tips to prep for V-Day

Self-love tips to prep for V-Day
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Self-love tips to prep for V-Day

One of the best ways to prep for the day of love is to first carve out time to show yourself some love- self-care! Whether you have a big date scheduled for this February 14th, enjoying a quiet night at home with your other half or with your bestie, we have some tips that can get you prepped (you won’t even need to use that Instagram filter on your photo 😉)

1. Exfoliate the night before

Be a glow-getter and step into 2/14 with a radiant complexion. Exfoliating is a step you don’t want to bypass, because it gently sheds dead skin, unclogs the pores and preps skin so the following products can penetrate better. Our favorite mechanical exfoliant is the Seeds & Flowers Exfoliant from Cinq Mondes with organic Turmeric and Diatomaceous Earth. A best-selling AHA-based (glycolic acid) exfoliant are the Skin Resurfacing Multi-Acid Pads from Elemental Herbology- just swipe 1 pad over the skin 1-2x per week

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Hydration is the key to beautiful skin. No matter your skin type, you should never fear hydration. After all, providing skin with proper hydration keeps oil-levels balanced and that excess shine at bay. And, especially after newly exfoliating your skin, now is the time to prep it with a proper dose of moisture. We cannot rave enough about the Prebiotic + Probiotic Hydration serum from Cinq Mondes- its like a super-charged quick drink of water for your skin.  It has a light, water-gel like consistency so your skin will instantly absorb all the microbiome-balancing and Hyaluronic Acid hydration benefits. A must have for every skin type. Your skin will look smooth, even and glowy.

3. Treat your hair to a mask

Shiny, healthy locks? Yes please! Give hair a healthy dose of natural hydration so it looks extra lush on the day of love. Use the Ayurvedic Plants Repairing Hair Mask from Cinq Mondes after cleansing hair by applying a large dab, massaging it into hair from roots to ends, then wrapping hair in a warm towel for 5 minutes before rinsing out.  This 99% natural hair mask treatment restores damaged hair's natural beauty. Bonus tip: let your hair air-dry, avoiding heat drying so your hair retains all that hydration you just gave it.

4. Add a finishing touch to your mani/pedi

Its all about the finishing touches! Make-sure you finish off your nails with a nourishing, natural oil for your cuticles (and hands).  We recommend having on hand the Omega Oil from Botanico Vida because, well, it does it all! It’s a 100% natural multi-purpose oil rich in essential fatty acids from Sacha Inchi Oil, the Earth’s richest plant source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 = its incredibly healing and nourishing for skin (anywhere on the body). Bonus, it smells like fresh citrus!

5. Get in the mood with Rose

Rose, a well-known symbol of love with a captivating, yet subtle aroma. Its essential oil evokes positive thoughts, relaxation and feelings of joy, happiness and hope. What involves rose + the ultimate self-care ritual? A warm bath! When you are ready to unwind and get in the mood, draw a warm bath and add in a bath oil with pure rose damask. Our all-time favorite is the Renewing Phyto-Aromatic Bath Oil from Cinq Mondes. It was developed from an original Japanese bath ritual.  It is a unique combination of Rose and Ginger essential oils, and its vivid green color is derived from Chlorophyll, so no fear, no nasties here! Another popular-pick is the Soothe Bath & Body Oil from Elemental Herbology which has a trio of uber-relaxing Rose Damask, Lavender and Ylang Ylang oils (it’ll help you get a goodnight sleep before V-Day)

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