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Article: The Best Secret for Removing SPF Quickly (and makeup)

The Best Secret for Removing SPF Quickly (and makeup)
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The Best Secret for Removing SPF Quickly (and makeup)

Now that we’re in the summer season, you’re probably applying copious amounts of sunscreen for those long pool days and in need of an easy “take-it-all-off” when the days over.

Here’s our best kept secret: cleansing balms! If you aren’t on board with a cleansing balm by now, you’re really missing out….really! These silky, oil-based cleansers tackle even the toughest layers of grime, sunscreen and makeup (even waterproof mascara) effortlessly within minutes, so you can be left with a clean, hydrated and glowing complexion.

Why are they good for removing SPF?

Cleansing balms are made from natural oils which lift the impurities deep from the pores and skin, without stripping the skin of its own natural oils.  Meaning, skin is left supple, hydrated but completely cleansed. The natural oils in the balm provide a deeper level of cleansing for the pores, dissolving the excess oil that clogs the pores (which can lead to breakouts). And, unlike other cleansers, most cleansing balms can be used around or on the eyes to melt-away eye makeup too. Traditional cleansers have a harder time breaking down heavy sunscreens and makeup because they contain surfactants with water, with little to no oil.

But, I have oily skin, why would I use an oil-based cleanser?

A common concern, but do not fear! The natural oils are very beneficial for this skin type, and as we mentioned earlier, don’t strip the skin of its own natural oils –with an oily/combo skin type this balance is key – maintaining proper oil to moisture. For an oily to combo skin, a cleansing balm will break down excess oil on the skin (along with that layer of sunscreen or makeup) without ever over drying it. A wonderful option for this skin type is to use your traditional gel or mousse “lighter” cleanser in the AM and use a nurturing, oil-balancing cleansing balm before bed.

How do I use a cleansing balm?

Apply your cleansing balm using DRY hands, beginning on DRY skin (depending on the formula, some cleansing balms may direct to then moisten with a little bit of water). Using a dime size amount, warm and melt the balm between the hands and then begin to massage into the face and neck using circular motions. Finally, remove with a warm, damp cloth. Our favorite way to remove it is using a natural muslin cloth, made from organic fibers which actually help lightly exfoliate your skin while you are removing the oil-based cleanser. Best of all, they are reusable, just toss them in your normal laundry after a few uses and they are ready again! Skin is left clean, moist, glowing and fresh!

The best cleansing balms we use on the regular:

Carrot Butter Cleanser from The Organic Pharmacy:

99% organic. This buttery-rich cleanser packed full of Beta Carotene from Carrots, Rosemary and Calendula, effortlessly breaks down impurities and the day's makeup for a deeply cleansed, radiant complexion. Perfect for all skin types and to remove eye makeup


Calm & Soothe Cleansing Balm from Elemental Herbology:

An indulgent combination of Argan Oil, Sesame Oil and Cocoa Butter, plus Peruvian Inca Inchi Oil, the world’s richest source of essential fatty acids and Omegas 3,6,9, combine to deeply cleanse, hydrate and soothe skin. Bonus, it has calming aromas of Chamomile and Frankincense.


Flowers Cleansing Balm from Cinq Mondes-Paris:

Mango Butter and Passion Fruit oils deep clean the pores and remove all traces of makeup, for instantly glowing, hydrated skin. What's unique about this cleansing balm is after massaging into skin, you moisten the fingertips with water and continue to massage in- the result is a lovely, milky-froth.

Shop cleansing balms now >

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