What exactly is the skin microbiome? And how topical Prebiotics + Probiotics are microbiome-balancing

If the term skin microbiome is overwhelming to you, don’t worry, you are not alone. It sounds very complex, but here, we break it down to the skincare 101 level. Your skin acts as a protective barrier for your body, keeping away a host of organisms that can make us sick – and contrary to popular belief that its our skin cells doing the front-line protection, its actually the skin’s microbiome. Microbiome = all of the billions of microorganisms that reside on the skin’s surface (mostly harmless bacteria to protect our skin ie: the skin’s immune system). Though the word bacteria is usually associated with sickness, not all bacteria is bad. The good bacteria is working hard to keep the bad stuff away, but if there is a shift in your skin and for some reason you have an excess of bad bacteria, this is when you see skin conditions such as acne or inflammation like eczema. The key to all of this is keeping a balance of the microbiome for beautiful and healthy skin!

Let’s take a closer look with this example: there are 100,000 billion microorganisms on and in the human body = that’s 10x more than the number of cells in the entire human body.  Thus, skin’s microbiome plays an essential role in the health of your skin and getting your microbiome in check is of the utmost importance!  

What are some signs your microbiome is out of balance?

An unbalanced microbiome can result in dull looking skin, skin that is sensitive or reactive, inflammed, signs of redness, blemishes and/or dehydration causing lines and wrinkles.

Prebiotics vs. Probiotics – and how can they help your skin?

We’ve all heard about the benefits for your gut-health, but did you know prebiotics and probiotics, when used topically, are aimed at bettering your skin, and the trillions of microbes that live on it? Each unique skin issue is due to an imbalance of skin microbiome, that is specific to each one of us. Prebiotics and Probiotics working in tandem can adapt themselves to your skin's specific needs and concerns!  

  • Probiotics: Protect and strengthen the skin’s barrier – boosting it’s natural defense system
  • Prebiotics: Increase the action of probiotics by feeding and delivering nutrients to the skin’s microorganisms – increasing the number of healthy bacteria to fight off the bad

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