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Géto Suprême Eye & Lip Contour (0.33 fl.oz.)

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Géto Extract provides an advanced age-defying solution for diminishing expression lines, dark circles, and puffiness.

A 95% natural and fragrance-free formula combining the renowned anti-aging ingredient Organic Géto extract from Okinawa, Japan, one of the world's Blue Zones, with a 310° removable stainless steel applicator offering an application surface 3x greater than a traditional roll-on. Clinical results demonstrate a 53% increase in Type I Collagen after only one week of use.

Organic Géto Extract: The longevity and beauty of the Okinawan population is largely attributed to their diet and beauty routines which includes the Geto plant. This anti-aging plant is thought to be a major factor for why the island is a blue-zone, with a significantly higher population of centenarians.

Matrikines: Peptides that stimulate skin firming and elevate collagen production.

Silk Tree Extract: An extraordinary anti-fatigue, de-puffing, plant-based ingredient that invigorates micro-circulation, reducing toxicity and promoting lifting.

    Anti-aging eye cream and lip contour to firm and plump
    Géto Suprême Eye & Lip Contour (0.33 fl.oz.) Sale price$204.00