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Seeds & Flowers Exfoliant (2 fl.oz.)

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Ship date approx 12/1

An ultra-fine exfoliant delivering instant softness, smoothness, and luminosity to the skin.

This product features a blend of the finest exfoliating agent, Diatomaceous Earth, and Organic Turmeric according to a centuries-old beauty regimen from Bali. It functions strongly yet delicately to give you a vibrant and healthy complexion for a weekly facial.

Diatomaceous Earth: extracted from Diatomite, it is a finely-powdered rock that gently exfoliates the skin.

Organic Turmeric: offers naturally anti-inflammatory properties, resulting in an instant, glowing complexion.

Freesia, White Lily and Hibiscus: provide antioxidant, soothing, and protective properties.

     ultra-fine face exfoliant for instantly soft, smooth and glowing skin
    Seeds & Flowers Exfoliant (2 fl.oz.) Sale price$56.00