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Facial Glow AHA Radiance Polish (1.7 fl.oz.)

Sale price$72.00

Provides a gentle, yet effective dual-action exfoliation, revealing an immediate luminosity.

This optimally-dosed AHA-based (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) exfoliant safely yet profoundly eradicates roughness to promote immediate brightness. It noticeably minimizes skin blemishes and clarifies clogged pores.

Jojoba Beads: mechanically eliminate dead skin cells, allowing effective exfoliation.

AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) derived from Apple, Papaya, Orange Peel, and Tangerine delicately slough away dead skin cells using a enzymatic process.

Kombucha: a fermentation of sweet black tea, imbues the skin with luminosity while delivering a tightening effect.

SEPITONIC™:multi-vitamin complex of Zinc, Magnesium and Copper, stimulates cellular metabolism to impart revitalizing energy to the skin.

    Facial Glow AHA Radiance Polish facial exfoliant on white background
    Facial Glow AHA Radiance Polish (1.7 fl.oz.) Sale price$72.00