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Géto Suprême Duo Set ($700 value)


This limited edition set contains the optimal solution for skin rejuvenation.

This set, valued at $700, is specifically designed for optimal skin renewal and to intensify collagen levels. GÉTO SUPREME Ritual products, unique and treasured, are successful due to the strength of the Géto plant from Okinawa Island, Japan.

  1. Géto Suprême The Serum (1.0 fl.oz.):The rapidly absorbable milky serum-in-oil texture of this serum is expertly formulated to provide significant concentrations of Géto extract, resulting in optimal anti-aging outcomes. Skin renewal is discernible within seven days, with the serum amplifying the effects of the Géto Suprême Cream.
  2. Géto Suprême The Cream (1.7 fl.oz.): This serum-in-cream emulsion is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving behind a velvety soft and smooth feeling. It provides remarkable protection of the skin's youthfulness, effectively restoring the skin's firmness, density and elasticity, resulting in a revitalized, glowing complexion. Clinically proven to result in a 53% increase in Type 1 Collagen after just 1 week.