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Radiance Precious Elixir Facial Oil (0.50 fl.oz.)

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An organic, concentrated blend of 100% "super oils" to revive skin radiance and impart a luminous glow.

Drawing on a beauty ritual from Bali, rare Kemiri Nut and Papaya Oils combine with a Retinoid-Like Complex to promote a luminous complexion. Just a few drops each day as a serum or mixed into your moisturizer can amplify natural exfoliation, furthering skin's radiance. The aroma of Citrus and Ylang-Ylang conjures the freshness of a Bali forest in the morning.

Samphire: known as the "Retinol of the Sea", is a succulent plant that helps to maintain a healthy, radiant complexion while minimizing redness and promoting natural exfoliation.

Kemiri Nut Oil: hails from the Pacific Islands and is a rich source of Vitamin A, C, and E, as well as crucial fatty acids. It provides effective moisture to chapped skin and shields it from external elements.

Papaya Oil: is packed with Vitamin C to brighten skin, neutralize toxins, and create a soft, smooth effect due to its light exfoliating capabilities.