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Article: 3 best solutions for dry, winter hands

3 best solutions for dry, winter hands
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3 best solutions for dry, winter hands

It’s the dead of winter, chances are you’re struggling with that constant dry, tight-skin-feeling on your hands. Excess washing, towel drying and the cold, lack of humidity air creates the perfect formula for dryness. Our best tip is to always moisturize directly after washing, and always right before bed! We’re at your rescue today with natural solutions to heal those hands from the dryness, redness, and irritation.

  1.  Angel Hand Cream, from Cinq Mondes-Paris

" I now have very happy hands. I put this on my hands every night before going to bed." -customer Yvony R.

If you're looking for angel soft hands, then this is your daily go to – plus it smells heavenly. Its unique combination of traditional Chinese plants like Bamboo, Chinese White Mulberry and Aloe Vera instantly nourish hands, and create a layer of protection from the harsh environment. Bonus: the Chinese White Mulberry is known to help prevent pigmentation and dark spots on the hands.


  1. Omega Balm, from Botanico Vida

"A great counter-active for hand sanitizer.  I've been using this balm at night and the difference is so significant. It's great on all my extra dry areas so I just keep it in my handbag." - customer, Anna

If your hands are in very bad shape and overly dry and cracked, this is your answer to soothe those painful areas. It's fragrance-free, so don’t be alarmed at the lack of “pretty smell” but when we tell you it works, it works! Extremely high in fatty acids from Sacha Inchi Oil, it also contains a natural ingredient, Castrolatum (a petroleum alternative) to create a barrier on the skin that locks in moisture, healing those cracks. Bonus: it's great for cracked heels on the feet too!

  1. Tropical Nuts Melting Body Balm, from Cinq Mondes-Paris

"This Body Balm makes you feel luxurious! Love the smell and texture of this balm. Luxurious is how I would describe it!" - customer, Michelle W.

This body balm is an amazing all-over body experience ie: stepping out of the shower and melting its warm, hydrating oils onto the skin is something you all must try! For hands, it’s aroma is something you’ll enjoy as you moisturize the Coconut, Tamanu Nut and Kemiri nut oils into the skin. Your hands will be immediately deeply nourished and regain their silky and radiant appearance.


Exfoliate your hands before applying a thick layer of moisture.  Using a manual exfoliation will help shed the dry layers of flaky skin and prepare the pores to receive the hydration on a deeper level in the next step. Plus, if the exfoliant has naturally hydrating ingredients like Coconut Oil and Avocado oil your hands will gain some added hydration during this first step – who doesn’t want double hydration?? 

Try the Sublime Body Exfoliant from Cinq Mondes, its an organic sugar-based scrub with uber-nourishing oils that are specifically meant to tackle very dry skin. 

Or, the Zest Sugar Body Scrub from Elemental Herbology. It has an amazing line-up of superfood plant ingredients like Hemp Seed Oil, Chia Seed Oil and Coconut Oil that maintain skin's health and reveal brighter, smoother skin.

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