4 self-care ideas to get you through the holidays

As 2020 comes to a close, and the final weeks of holidays are upon us, it's important to take time for yourself. Whether that means you spend time baking your favorite holiday cookies, enjoying a warm cup of tea by the fire or going for a chilly afternoon walk, it's important to fill those spaces inside the body and mind with moments of peace, calm and happiness. Being that the holidays are very different this year, you may find you need extra moments to treat yourself in ways you normally wouldn’t have the time for. At BeautyProphet, we like to carve out time to enjoy our favorite self-care beauty products and here we’ll share our tips and ideas so you can enjoy them as well:

#1:  Slip into a warm bath

Taking a daily soak in the comfort of your bathtub with natural essential oils is the perfect way to maintain and improve your wellness. A bath, especially at bedtime, helps to relax tired, sore muscles and calm the mind.  It prepares the body and mind for sleep by relieving tension and stress, while making a clear break between your active day and restful night. Give your bath a boost (and a purpose) by adding pure essential oils to provide an aromatherapeutic experience.

We enjoy the Soothe Bath & Body Oil from Elemental Herbology. Its natural combination of Lavender, Rose Damask and Ylang Ylang is uber calming, especially before bedtime to help you sleep. A bonus? You can use it as a bath oil or a body oil.

Another favorite is the Renewing Phyto-Aromatic Bath & Shower Oil from Cinq Mondes. It is a unique combination of Rose and Ginger essential oils, and its vivid green color is derived from Chlorophyll, so no fear, no nasties here! You can also apply it to wet skin when taking a shower. The oil turns into a milky emulsion on contact with water and it’s really a unique, aromatherapy experience!

#2:  Don’t forget your hair

We know hydration is important for our skin, and the same applies for our hair. But, our hair tends to be put last when it comes to our beauty routine. A simple addition to keep your locks in check is adding a bit of natural oil daily. Seems simple, but when you’re having a good hair day, you’re having a good day and that small self-care step pays off! We can’t say enough about the Sublime Body & Hair Oil from Cinq Mondes. Not only is it organic, it’s incredibly rehydrating combination of Noni, Monoï and Coconut oils instantly restores dry skin – and for hair it nurtures, adds shine, plus allows hair to easily untangle while rehydrating dry, brittle ends.

#3: Treat feet (and then add a pair of socks)

Often forgotten about, our feet should be given extra-special attention in order to stay hydrated and smooth the whole year. The best advice we have for feet is to slather your hydrating cream or balm on those tootsies and pop on a pair of cotton socks – this creates a simple foot mask that takes your hydrating treatment to another level.  “The new Botanico Vida Omega Balm has become my go-to solution for dry, cracked and flaky skin. “ says Mary Leber, the BeautyProphet. “I have been asked many times for advice on a product that would resolve dry and cracked feet and now I have something that I can recommend with confidence.” It contains Bioactive Sacha Inchi Oil which is earth's richest source of Omega 3,6 and 9.

Another favorite is the Tender Foot Cream from Cinq Mondes, based on an ancient Chinese beauty recipe. It cools, relieves discomfort and rehydrates with Arnica, Menthol, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera.

 #4: And finally, what would self-care be without a face mask?

Face Masks are a performance treatment, at least weekly, added into your existing basic skincare routine, to target specific skin concerns and enhance your skin goals. All you need is 15minutes and no trip to the spa is necessary. A great winter-skin option to indulge in is the Facial Soufflé  from Elemental Herbology. A luxurious and super-hydrating combination of Soluble collagen, Argan Oil and Hematite Extract work as a quick moisturizing treatment to powerfully plump, firm, nourish and visibly soften the skin.

Find comfort in the little things and enjoy your moments of self-care. Wishing you a beautiful, calm and happy holiday season, from all of us at BeautyProphet!