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Article: 4 steps to tame dry hair for a frizz-free season

4 steps to tame dry hair for a frizz-free season
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4 steps to tame dry hair for a frizz-free season

Do you tend to pull your hair back to avoid having to do your hair in the morning? Our busy day-to-day routines usually consist of taking care of everything except our hair, but hair needs love and attention too!  Maybe you overdo it with the blowouts and hot hair tools on a daily basis? In either case, this leads to dry hair that is seriously suffering from a lack of moisture, resulting in frizz especially during the colder months when the moisture in the air is minimal.

How to know if your hair is dry?

Dry hair is easy to spot – it looks dull with no vibrance, has split ends, frizzy and clearly has breakage.

Steps to restore hair health, so this season’s blow-outs don’t lead to a frizz fest:

1. Wash with the Ayurvedic Plants Repairing Cream Shampoo

Most importantly, use a sulfate-free shampoo! Sulfates are cleansing agents that create the “bubbles” we relate to a very clean scalp and hair; however, these chemical agents are very damaging to hair over time and can strip moisture from the strands, leaving it very dry. This Sulfate-Free Repairing Cream Shampoo from Cinq Mondes does exactly the opposite -it supplies nurturing moisture and repairs the strands. It’s 95% natural formula composed of Amla and Amaranth oils helps restore hair back to good health. Fun fact: its formula was inspired by a traditional Ayurvedic recipe, used by women in India for thick, strong, soft and silky hair full of vitality.

2. Treat hair with the Ayurvedic Plants Repairing Hair Mask

The BIG sister to the above cream shampoo, this Repairing Hair Mask from Cinq Mondes is a serious hydration treatment for hair in need.  We recommend using it 2x per week during the colder months: After shampooing, on towel-dried hair, apply a large dab of Ayurvedic Plant Repair Hair Mask and massage into the hair from the roots to the ends. Wrap hair in a warm towel for 5 minutes before rinsing out.

3. Hydrate and prevent fly-aways with the Sublime Hair & Body Oil

A hair oil is so important in anyone’s daily hair routines – natural oils are smoothing, soothing and shine-enhancing. And, they add oil to what dry hair is lacking – oil! No matter if you tend to blow-dry or air-dry your hair, a final step would be to smooth a few drops of oil over your strands to lock in the moisture. It also acts as a good heat-protectant pre-blow-drying. This dry Hair & Body Oil from Cinq Mondes with Monoi, Noni and Coconut Oils is the perfect treatment to nurture and add shine, plus rehydrate dry, brittle ends.

4. Don’t wash everyday

On average, it’s a good rule of thumb to only wash hair every 3 days. Give your hair a chance to produce its natural oils, that will keep hair hydrated and lead to more tame, good hair days when the temps are cold.

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