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Article: Clocks fall back: How to make the most out of your extra 60 minutes in bed

Clocks fall back: How to make the most out of your extra 60 minutes in bed
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Clocks fall back: How to make the most out of your extra 60 minutes in bed

Ahhh sleep…is there anything better really? On November 7th at 2:00am, we’ll gain one more precious hour of sleep and that means we need to make the most of it and bask in all its regenerative properties for the body, mind and skin! Here’s how you can:

Saturday Nov 6th, before bed:

#1: Wind down with a relaxing bath

Taking a bath, especially at bedtime, helps to relax the body and calm the mind.  It prepares you for sleep by relieving tension and stress, while making a clear break between your active day and restful night. This step is key to ensure you have the most restful sleep possible, especially when you have an EXTRA hour to benefit from. Enhance your bath and make it healthful by adding specific herbs that can also provide a therapeutic result.

We recommend: Purifying Bath & Shower Oil from Cinq Mondes

a high-quality, natural oil that combines the purifying properties of Eucalyptus and Cinnamon Tree Leaf essential oils to provide the body with a feeling of “lightness” so you can slip into a sweet slumber quicker.


#2 Enhance relaxation with a pillow mist

The more relaxed you are, the better sleep you will have so you can wake up feeling and looking rested. Mist your body and bedding with essential oils that are sleep inducing and uber calming

We recommend:  Eau Egyptienne from Cinq Mondes.

Its enchanting, unique aroma created from plants such as Lotus, Jasmine, Rose and Mint has the power to release all of the day’s tensions and send you into a sweet slumber.


#3 The best day of the year to use an overnight treatment

Just as your body needs rest to feel renewed, your skin needs you to rest and sleep so it can renew itself too.  A lack of sleep can accelerate how quickly our skin shows signs of aging. While we sleep, skin begins a natural renewal process to repair itself from the day.  Moisture loss also peaks at night so its time to hydrate. That means, using a Night Cream that nourishes skin, repairs the skin and contains natural ingredients to help skin renew overnight is so important. And, when the clocks fall back, you’ll get a whole extra hour for your night treatment to continue working its magic renewing those precious skin cells.

We recommend: Precious Night Cream from Cinq Mondes

It contains 3 natural patented active ingredients that restore “energy” to skin cells while you sleep, increase collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis to help repair skin and boost cell renewal. The result? You awaken to beautifully smooth, plump, bright and even skin. Plus, it has a light but oh-so-enjoyable lotus and water lily aroma.


Vital Glow Resurfacing Cream from Elemental Herbology

This popular overnight resurfacing cream stimulates cell turnover, reduces blemishes and skin pigmentation, while delivering a healthy, radiant glow.  Containing Granactive Retinoid, a powerful next generation restorative skincare ingredient derived from Vitamin A that treats environmental damage and early signs of aging. Hello youthful skin!!

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