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Article: A Mask Wearer's Journey To Keeping Skin Healthy

A Mask Wearer's Journey To Keeping Skin Healthy

A Mask Wearer's Journey To Keeping Skin Healthy

I have discovered that wearing a mask daily now, during this new norm, does require a different approach to my skincare routine. I wanted to touchbase with you all and share my tips to help you navigate how to keep your skin healthy during this time.

Here are my tips:

  • The mask: [ #KEEPITCLEAN ]
  • Keep the hands clean too!! - the mask can't be clean if the hands are dirty.
  • And finally, how to adjust your skincare habits. I'm sharing my suggestions below:

Start with a purifying cleanser

It doesn't matter which cleanser you use, as long as it works efficiently and you like it!  My personal favorite I use on a regular basis is the Flowers Cleansing Balm from Cinqs Mondes, because it has a lovely scent and it deeply cleanses skin in a gentle way.  Gentle is key, because we are following this step with an exfoliation.  I also adore the Cool and Clear Cleanser from Elemental Herbology for skin that is normal to oily.  Your skin will feel squeaky clean!

Exfoliate the skin

Mild exfoliation is so important, especially if you are wearing a mask everyday.  The manual exfoliation action will help boost circulation in the skin to lessen the mask marks on your face.  In addition, this will deep clean those pores from the bacteria and dirt particles that have been trapped behind the mask all day.  Pay particular attention to the area of the face on the perimeter of the mask.  I suggest the Facial Glow from Elemental Herbology because it utilizes jojoba beads to exfoliate, plus natural fruit AHA's

Tone the skin

My favorite toner is  the Flowers Rain Mist from Cinq Mondes. As I gently spritz, it covers my face with subtle fresh flower aromas and puts an instant smile on my face.  The purpose of toning is to remove any excess debris on your skin you may have missed.  This toner is extra special because it has a natural ingredient to sheild skin from pollution and helps to balance.  My skin never feels right without this step.

Apply a serum

Serum is key because it feeds the deep layers of the skin and helps restore and protect it. These days, I choose the Prebiotic + Probiotic Hydration Serum from Cinq Mondes for my skin because I have discovered that this product deeply hydrates and after I apply my moisturizer (next step), it makes everything work better- an “enhanced effect.” Plus, the natural complex helps ward off breakouts that may occur from mask wearing. Skin will glow! Not only will you notice, but so will others.  For a restorative nighttime treatment, I like to use the 2% Resveratrol Concentrate from reveel by MedSkin Solutions.


This is important because it is the step that replenishes after the deep cleanse that you just experienced.  Of course, a moisturizer is very personal depending on your skin type. We must remember to keep up our skincare routine and look our best.  Even though you are at home in your shorts and your sweats, one day this will end and we will face the public again.  Look your best.  It will improve your mood!  My personal favorite:  Cell Active Rejuvenation from Elemental Herbology


my most important tip to those in the medical and essential service fields wearing a mask day-in and day-out, your skin needs extra healing - to calm the redness, permanent imprints in your skin and replenish. I suggest using our Collagen Face Mask from reveel by MedSkin Solutions. This innovative brand is known for their collagen sheets used as wound dressings to heal and rebuild skin in hospitals all over the globe. This home mask is truly a miracle!

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