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Article: Heal dry & irritated hands: using products you might not have considered

Heal dry & irritated hands: using products you might not have considered
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Heal dry & irritated hands: using products you might not have considered

Are your hands in despair from all the washing 24/7? Then keep up the good work, you are doing your part by keeping the germs away. However, now you are left with the constant tight, uncomfortable feeling of overly dry hands. Excess washing and applying hand sanitizer create the perfect formula for dryness. We are at your rescue with natural solutions to heal those hands from the dryness, redness and irritation- plus insider tips on the best products to use you might not have considered before:

1.       Wash - rinse – moisturize

Yup, pretty standard! But, you are needing more than ever to keep those hands hydrated, and the skin’s barrier protected. Grab hydrating heroes with natural ingredients that are emollient and rich in essential fatty acids to repair the skin’s barrier, such as Macadamia Nut oil, Shea butter, Almond or Coconut oil. We recommend:

SOS Help Hand Balm from lavera

100% natural, this hand cream provides intense care for dry, chapped hands. With its cell protection complex and precious organic Macadamia Nut Oil and Shea Butter, this rich formula immediately relieves the uncomfortable tight feeling of dry hands,

Tropical Nuts Melting Body Balm from cinq mondes

This ultra-nourishing, luscious balm with its creamy texture will make you melt! It’s packed with natural Tamanu, Coconut and Kemiri Nut oils.  It has a very unique texture, starting off solid and then melting into your warm skin, imparting a clean, intoxicating aroma.

2.       Relax’n and Hand Mask’n

Here’s where it gets fun! Have a favorite hydration mask you apply to your face weekly? Well, now’s the time to apply it to your hands too for a 10-15min hand mask. Turn on your Netflix show, apply a thin layer of your hydration mask to cleansed hands and relax, it’s that simple. We recommend:

Facial Soufflé Moisture Replenish Mask from elemental herbology

This rich, luxurious and intensely hydrating treatment contains a special, patented natural ingredient Aquarich®, derived from Black Oat and Soya to lock in hydration for 24hrs in all 5 layers of the skin, plus Argan oil and soluble collagen. Your hands will thank you! – and apply to your face weekly for plumper, firmer and incredibly moisturized skin.

3.       Bonus hand treatment

Need a finishing touch for your home manicure? Do you have pigmentation/dark spots on your hands? We have clinical-strength, natural solutions you can use at home:

Collagen Serum Spray from reveel by MedSkin Solutions

This innovative brand is known for their skin-identical collagen, used as wound dressings to heal and rebuild skin in hospitals all over the globe. Their scientific expertise has resulted in this innovative collagen serum as a spray, to apply anywhere on the body to infuse extra moisture into the skin, relieving an uncomfortable or tight feeling, and supporting cell renewal to heal and rebuild skin. Add this quick, hydro-boosting finishing touch to your manicure or spray daily on hands (of course your face, most importantly too!) whenever needed!

Sublime Brightening Serum from cinq mondes

This face care serum, for all skin types, corrects and prevents dark spots, increases radiance and protects the skin from further damaging UV’s. Its unique formula contains Magnolia Flower extract (antioxidant power that is 1,000x higher than Vitamin E) and Licorice Root (100x more effective than Vitamin C to reduce dark spots). Apply a few drops to each hand and gently pat in, to see results in as little as 10 days.

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