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Article: Facial oils are not only for dry skin- we explain

Facial oils are not only for dry skin- we explain
cinq mondes

Facial oils are not only for dry skin- we explain

Applying pure oils to your face feeds your skin on a deep level and provides it with ideal hydration. The #1 goal in skin care is to maintain proper hydration because hydrated skin is beautiful skin! But, you might say- “I have oily skin, why would I put oil on my face?” The idea is that applying an oil on your skin will help balance the natural oils your skin is, or isn’t producing, to add hydration and help repair the barrier that keeps that moisture locked in. Depending on the pure plant oil—argan, blackcurrant seed, hemp, flax, etc.—it can have specific benefits to tackle your unique skin concerns, like anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin or purifying to control oily skin.

Contrary to their reputation, facial oils do not make the skin oily. Very concentrated in essential nutrients, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, they are the secret to achieving healthy, radiant and beautiful skin- for all skin types!

We recommend Cinq Mondes’ range of Precious Elixirs: 5 different combinations of rare and miraculous super-oils, rich in essential fatty acids (Omega’s 3,6 and 9-help produce the skin's natural oil barrier, critical in keeping skin hydrated, plumper, and younger looking) to target your unique skin concerns:

  1. Go for the glow with the Radiance Precious Elixir: pure Kemiri Nut and Papaya Oils combine with Vitamin C for all skin types that want that all-out healthy glow! After 4 weeks, 85% of users confirm their skin is more radiant. Bonus tip: add 2 drops into the Seeds & Flowers Exfoliant for an extra special skin treatment.


  1. Get a quick hydro-boost with the Nourishing Precious Elixir: pure Argan oil, also known as “liquid gold” and Safflower oil restore softness and comfort to dehydrated skin. Their ability to restore proper hydration prevents dehydration lines & wrinkles.


  1. Break the breakout cycle with the Purifying Precious Elixir: pure Black Cumin Seed and Hemp oils rebalance the skin, prevent excess oil and tighten the pores to prevent breakouts. This wonderful combination is able to regulate oil production and provide skin with its necessary balance of hydration.


  1. Calm tender skin with the Soothing Precious Elixir: pure Camellia and Flax Oils, both anti-inflammatory, combine to repair and soothe extremely dry skin or skin that is often red and feeling sensitive.


  1. Fight lines & wrinkles with the Regenerating Precious Elixir: pure Blackcurrant Seed and Ginseng oils combine to boost skin’s elasticity, firm and nourish to prevent skin aging. Organic Ginseng, known as the “root of long life” tones the skin and strengthens weak tissue. After 4 weeks, 75% of users confirm their skin is more toned and supple.




Did you know?

They are called precious for a reason and just 2-3 drops daily is plenty! You can use each elixir oil as a serum, before applying your moisturizer and this will actually help your skin receive the benefits of your moisturizer better or, you can add the elixir oil directly into your moisturizer to boost its performance.

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