What is a toner? And how active ingredients can super-charge its results

Often bypassed in your skin care routine, but so very important, a toner is used directly after cleansing to supply a quick surge of hydration and remove all of the excess debris leftover on the skin. Although it looks like a simple liquid, a toner is packed-full of skin-loving benefits and can include active ingredients such as acids, natural pollution protectors, antioxidants from flowers and more. It penetrates the skin quickly to leave the skin squeaky-clean, pores tight, skin plump and glowy. The key in your toner choice quest is to ensure that the formula is alcohol-free so you can guarantee that you are supplying your skin with moisture vs. dehydrating it with alcohol.

How and when should I apply it?

Apply directly after cleansing (step#2), every morning and night.  Depending on the type on toner, you can apply it onto a cotton round and swipe over the entire face and neck, or mist gently over the skin, following with a pressing motion on the face and neck using the hands. You can then proceed with your treatment products such as your serum, eye cream and moisturizer, which will now absorb and penetrate better into the skin since applying a toner.

Bonus! A toner acts as the perfect primer base for applying your day’s makeup.

Which one should I use?

The result and efficacy of a toner definitely depends on the active ingredients – and specific ingredients will give you the super-charged results you are looking for. Here are two toner options with common solutions for everyday concerns:

Phyto-Peeling Toner from Cinq Mondes 

This alcohol-free, cooling toner is for all skin types, but especially those with combination, oily or acne-prone skin. Its super-charged formula combines Natural Fruit Acids and Glycolic Acid (AHA’s) to gently exfoliate for an immediate glow, plus it tightens the pores and wards off breakouts.

Flowers Rain Tonic Anti-Pollution Toner from Cinq Mondes  

A great daily option for any skin type and those in urban areas. It contains a natural anti-pollution complex, Bio-Protect, a blend of anti-oxidants from Fruit Pectins and Ginseng, to create a protective barrier on the skin that shields it against skin-damaging pollution.  The fresh, floral aromas from five tropical flowers isn’t too terrible either! 😉- all rich in amino acids to give skin a glow-up.