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Article: How to look rested when the clocks spring forward

How to look rested when the clocks spring forward

How to look rested when the clocks spring forward

In just a few short days clocks will spring forward – spring is finally on the way! After a very long winter, the soothing sounds of birds chirping in the morning, longer days with more daylight and the fresh, spring air will be here. But let’s not forget, on Sunday, March 14th at 2:00am our clocks with spring forward one hour.  As if Mondays aren’t hard enough, you’ll be facing this Monday with 1 hour less of precious sleep. It can always take a few days for our bodies to adjust after the clocks change, but we’re here with a bag of tricks and tips to help you at least look more rested:


#1: Take a bath

Try and start your nighttime routine an hour early so you can help calm and soothe yourself to get to bed earlier. Taking a bath, especially at bedtime, helps to relax the body and calm the mind.  It prepares you for sleep by relieving tension and stress, while making a clear break between your active day and restful night. Enhance your bath and make it healthful by adding specific herbs that can also provide a therapeutic result. We recommend before bed: Purifying Phyto-Aromatic Bath & Shower Oil from Cinq Mondes: a high-quality, natural oil that combines the purifying properties of Eucalyptus and Cinnamon Tree Leaf essential oils to provide the body with a feeling of “lightness”. (Bonus: Eucalyptus will aid with pesky spring allergies too)

#2 Relax with a Fresh Aromatic Mist

The more relaxed you are, the better sleep you will have so you can wake up feeling and looking rested (even with the lost hour). We recommend misting your body and bedding with the Eau Egyptienne from Cinq Mondes. Its enchanting, unique aroma created from plants such as Lotus, Jasmine, Rose and Mint has the power to release all of the day’s tensions and send you into a sweet slumber.

#3 Let your night cream work its magic

Just as your body needs rest to feel renewed, your skin needs you to rest and sleep so it can renew itself too. That means, using a Night Cream that nourishes skin, repairs the skin and contains natural ingredients to help skin renew overnight is so important, especially now when you have less time to sleep. Our all-star choice: Precious Night Cream from Cinq Mondes: It contains 3 natural patented active ingredients that restore “energy” to skin cells while you sleep, increase collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis to help repair skin and boost cell renewal. The result? You awaken to beautifully smooth, plump, bright and even skin. Plus, it has a light but oh-so-enjoyable lotus and water lily aroma.


#1 After cleansing skin in the AM, it's time for a face mask

Not only can masks enhance your skin goals long term, but they can also be a “quick-fix” in times of need (like when you are tired). We recommend using the Collagen Face Mask from reveel by MedSkin Solutions because it’s made of native collagen that will infuse skin with hydration, smooth fine lines and leave skin with a radiant glow.  It only takes 20 minutes and will conform like a second skin, so you can continue with your morning routine while it’s working.

#2 Apply a brightening serum

We always head straight to the Sublime Brightening Serum from Cinq Mondes (year-round) because its light formula absorbs super-quick, and it contains an amazing trio of ingredients that are friendly and beneficial for every skin type, (1)Magnolia (2)Licorice and (3) Uvaxine®. Its formula was inspired by a traditional Korean beauty ritual that promotes a “perfect skin”, unflawed complexion.

#3 Awaken tired eyes

Your eyes show it all, so make sure you treat them with a de-puffing, perk-up treatment after your serum. Try the award-winning Eye Elixir Eye Cream from Elemental Herbology which contains Kombuchka™ to lighten and increase radiance, plus a patented ingredient derived from 3 peptides to clinically reduce dark circles. It's like a cup of coffee for your eyes!

#4 Last but not least, your daily moisturizer

This step is key to maintaining surface hydration on your skin all day long, so why not enhance that action with some ingredients that also leave a radiant glow behind so no one knows you might be tired? Try the Precious Day Cream from Cinq Mondes that contains Mother of Pearl which gives a delicate, yet beautiful glow to the skin, amongst the additional natural ingredients that provide total anti-aging support: anti-wrinkle, anti-dark spot and firming.

We recommend maintaining this type of routine for the week after our clocks spring forward so you can glide into spring as seamlessly as possible without feeling the effects. Most importantly, drink plenty of water. Keeping your hydration levels high will help you feel and look your best (a lack of hydration will always show up around the eyes too!)

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