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Article: The #1 skincare step that should be a priority: serum

The #1 skincare step that should be a priority: serum
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The #1 skincare step that should be a priority: serum

March 20th is the first day of spring. Hello sunshine, blooming flowers and outdoor strolls! Spring is a great time to refresh your skincare routine after the cold, harsh winter. If you could make anything a priority in your skincare routine right now, it would be to add a serum if you aren’t using one already – or otherwise ensure you are using the right one for your concerns and season.

What is a serum and why you need one?

Whether you stick to a 10-step skincare routine or 4, a serum is a top priority. That’s because, it’s a super-charged, lighter-weight formulation that delivers targeted results for common skin concerns. Serums are formulated with a higher concentration of active ingredients and their consistencies range from very light water-like essences, to gels and even oils - targeting specific concerns such as lines & wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or giving dull skin a radiant glow. They penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin (feeding skin) meaning, they should always be applied before your moisturizer. Think of your serum as your “power-product”.

How do you use it exactly?

A serum should be applied after cleansing and toning, before your moisturizer, every AM and PM. Always apply serum to a clean, dry skin.  The rule is, the first product applied to a clean skin is: lightest first, such as serums, for maximum absorption and most efficiency (they are usually a water base vs oil base).  Always finish with your moisturizer to maintain surface hydration throughout the day. 

Also, fight the urge to use more then the directions say in hopes to see results quicker – serums actually contain precise amounts of ingredients needed for your skin to absorb at one time, in the instructed amount- usually it’s just a few drops for your whole face, neck and décolletage.

The bottom line

It's never too early to start using a serum in your routine and it’s more than worth its investment. We promise, after using a serum (and the right serum for your concern and skin) you will notice the change in your skin after a short period of time. So, lets take a closer look at which serum you should use:

Goal: more "alive", brighter, even-looking skin
Skin type: normal, all skin
Use: Sublime Brightening Serum


Goal: Hydrated, plump, more comfortable skin 
Skin type: dry, dehydrated or mature
Use: Hyaluronic Booster Plus


Goal: Prevent aging, protect against UV's and Blue Light
Skin type: Normal, all skin 
Use: Defending Day Serum


Goal: Reduce fine line and wrinkles, prevent new lines from forming
Skin type: Mature
Use: Bio-Cellular Matrix Serum


Goal: Control excess oil, mattify and purify
Skin type: Oily or combination, acne-prone
Use: Purifying Precious Elixir


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