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Article: Is your skin sensitive? 4 signs to look for

Is your skin sensitive? 4 signs to look for

Is your skin sensitive? 4 signs to look for

Sensitive skin is a common issue and can cause lots of anxiety when it comes to choosing skincare products. Sensitive skin is a condition that does not come and go.  It takes regular care to control a sensitive skin and it will appear as smooth as cream when using a good maintenance program.

Reactive, allergic skin is an entirely different condition that has a myriad of causes.  We will not address those issues here. Here are the common tell-tale signs to look for to determine if you have sensitive skin, and what you can do to aid it.

4 signs of sensitive skin:

1.       Redness or skin that easily flushes (red cheeks)

2.       Visible blood vessels (broken capillaries)

3.       Excess oil, especially in the t-zone (this is how the skin tries to protect a  sensitive skin)

4.       Skin reacts to hot and cold

Oftentimes, people with sensitive skin "think" they have oily skin and are not using the correct skincare product to protect and nurture their skin, which causes a vicious cycle for the oil glands. The glands begin to work overtime in an attempt to protect the skin, causing an excess of oil and often causing red, acne-like bumps. The remedy in this case would be to use more natural oil on the skin, to appropriately balance the skin’s oil production, while soothing it. Any anti-acne driven product would only continue to worsen your symptoms.

How to treat sensitive skin:

Always avoid using anything harsh such as synthetic soaps and alcohol. Sensitive skin responds positively to products that protect it from the elements and provide nurturing hydration.  For example, always cleanse the skin with a nourishing cleansing cream, oil or balm and be sure to avoid HOT water – tepid water is key when cleansing! Prior to going out in the cold, use a protective product that contains a high concentration of natural oils, such as a balm, to keep your skin calm, soothed and comfortable.

For Sensitive skin that is reacting and visibly unhappy, start with a very pure and simple routine until the skin has a normal appearance:

  • Cleanse: This is the most important step for a sensitive skin.  Throw away the soap or any detergent that is in your current routine.  Here are two good choices- but there are others if you prefer a different type of cleanser (message us for advice!):

Calm & Soothe Cleansing Balm from Elemental Herbology

Rich in Argan, Sesame and Peruvian Inca Inchi Oils, all incredibly high in essential fatty acids to restore, nurture and protect skin. 

Flowers Cleansing Balm from Cinq Mondes

Passion Fruit Oil and Mango Butter envelope this skin with its velvety-smooth texture and deeply, but gently cleanse the pores without stripping the skin.


  • Next, 2nd most important step: 

Soothing Precious Elixir from Cinq Mondes

100% pure Camellia and Linseed Oils combine to repair and instantly soothe extremely dry skin or skin that is red and sensitive.

  • Finally, the RIGHT moisturizer choice: 

Intense Comfort Cream from Cinq Mondes (if you have younger skin)

This ultra-nourishing, SOS cream provides quick hydration when skin needs it the most. Avocado and Sesame oils, plus organic Honey are incredibly anti-inflammatory, soothing and nourishing. Used as a daily moisturizer or a quick 15-min moisture mask, skin will immediately feel more comfortable.

Facial Soufflé  from Elemental Herbology

A rich, intensely hydrating treatment that can be used overnight, a great option during cold weather to protect skin or even use during travel as a hydration mask.

Infinity Cream from Cinq Mondes (anti-aging for mature skin)

This anti-aging daily cream provides intense hydration and a lifting effect for skin with a loss of volume and density. Rich in Camellia oil known for its ability to calm and repair the skin


  • As a bonus option, a new step to our routine, but very important advancement for sensitve skin:

Pre+Probiotic Hydration Serum from Cinq Mondes

Instantly hydrate and balance the skin. Prebiotics & probiotics when used topically balance the skin’s microbiome. Microbiome = all of the billions of microorganisms that reside on the skin’s surface (mostly harmless bacteria to protect our skin ie: the skin’s immune system). The combination will strengthen and protect the skin’s barrier and feed nutrients to the healthy bacteria to fight off the bad, meaning no this step is vital to effectively balance YOUR SKIN, for a beautiful and healthy complexion.

Shop our sensitive skin products here >

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