Tired? Fight dark under-eye circles with this quick solution

Worked long hours last night? Up all night with a sick kid? Late night with friends? We’ve all been there (probably more times then we can count!) – standing in front of the mirror and all you notice are those dark, tired, puffy eyes…. Eeek!

What causes dark circles?

Dark circles are formed from translucent blood vessels, which can either be hereditary or caused from, you guessed it… stress, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption or lack of hydration. Dark circles can also be caused by hyperpigmentation of the skin, and generally aging, because as we get older, the tissue around the eyes weaken creating dark shadows and puffiness.

The solution?

Before you slather on the cover-up, we have a quick and easy solution for you that will instantly de-puff, perk-up and lighten those dark circles. No one will ever know you had a late night 😉!

Marine Eye Mask from reveel by MedSkin Solutions

Proven results after only 15 min, marine algae, calcium ions and sodium ions target the eye zones quickly to instantly plump and define for visibly lifted skin. A box of 5 treatments for only $12 per treatment will ensure you have this secret weapon on hand when you need it most. (like Monday mornings!)

The vegan complex has been cryogenically frozen using a proprietary method, activated by you at the time of use with an attached hyaluronic acid liquid chamber.


Other tips: remember to always try and get enough sleep, drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and eat a healthy diet. This will ensure you look and feel your best – after all “the eyes are the window to the soul.”

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