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Article: Surprising facts about Hyaluronic Acid and your skin

Surprising facts about Hyaluronic Acid and your skin

Surprising facts about Hyaluronic Acid and your skin

Let’s get to know this 5-star performing ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid (or referred to as HA) is a sugar naturally occurring in the body that attracts and holds onto moisture in our skin cells, giving skin a hydrated and plump look and feel.  Hyaluronic Acid=hydration.  Here’s two very vivid examples of HA working naturally (1) the red comb of a Rooster stands straight up because it swells with HA, it's actually the world’s richest known source (2) the chubby, plump cheeks of a baby – when HA is at its highest in our bodies. Makes sense now, right?

As we age, the natural production of HA in our bodies starts to dwindle, and especially after menopause, there is a serious decline of HA which results in visible wrinkles. This is why it's incredibly important to counter the natural decrease in our body by feeding the skin HA that is compatible, in addition to ingredients that support the retention of hydration in the skin. You can find HA in an array of formulations for skin such as serums, moisturizers and sheet masks. (BONUS TIP: eat a lot of fruits and veggies because this healthy diet helps your body retain HA longer)

What’s surprising?

  1. It's like a big drink of water for your skin
HA can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water = super hydrator for dry skin. It works to pull moisture towards the skin, penetrating deeply, so you can gain that healthy, hydrated, plumped and dewy look. After all, the #1 goal in skincare is hydration, because hydrated skin is healthy skin.


  1. HA fights wrinkles

Because of HA’s exceptional ability to hold moisture in the skin, it’s a star-performer to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase plumpness and tighten skin for a more youthful appearance!

It's never too early to start protecting and nourishing your skin with HA.

Here are our best picks:


THE BEST mask treatment and we mean it!  Skin-identical collagen from this German brand, is cryogenically frozen and then activated during treatment with a pure Hyaluronic Acid + Red Algae liquid to super-boost the mask’s performance. MedSkin Solutions is known for healing thousands of wound and burn victims in hospitals. Their sheets of pure collagen applied to the affected area help rebuild skin. WOW! That means, if you want to erase fine lines, wrinkles, give skin that baby-face hydration and youthful look- you need this! Email us for a list of locations near you to experience this miracle mask, or try the single Collagen Sheet Mask at home!

It’s unique and powerful moisture replenishment complex gives intensive, lasting hydration and maintains moisture levels to prevent dehydration lines and wrinkles.

Not only will you balance the skin’s natural microbiome with its Pre+Probitioic complex, an added active ingredient is HA. Dry skin? This treatment will increase hydration by 47% after only one use! Feeling oily? simply apply a thin layer of this water-gel-like serum (as your moisturizer) after cleansing, skin instantly soaks it up for balanced hydration. It's a must-have for all skin!

HA makes an appearance in this night cream, in addition to micro-algae and peptides for total anti-aging support. You will awaken to plumper, smoother, rested and perfectly hydrated skin, take our word for it! Plus, its delicate, calming aroma makes it an enjoyable nightly ritual.

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