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Article: Which exfoliant should I use for my skin type?

Which exfoliant should I use for my skin type?

Which exfoliant should I use for my skin type?

Fall is peel season! The perfect way to reset your skin after the summer is by exfoliating away all the dead skin to reveal a fresh, vibrant, healthy layer. Exfoliation is a very important part of a proper skincare routine. Typically, exfoliating weekly is ideal (or at most 2x per weekly) to effectively, but gently, shed dead skin, unclog the pores and prep skin so the following products can penetrate better.

Is it possible to over exfoliate?

It is definitely possible to over-exfoliate your skin. If you exfoliate every day, this would cause irritation and strip your skin of its natural oils, resulting in skin issues you may not have experienced before. Exfoliating is a necessary step in caring for your skin, but should never exceed 1-2x per week- depending on your skin type. It is important to pay attention to how your skin responds to the frequency. For example, sensitive skin may opt away from a manual (grainy) exfoliant and choose to use a more gentle AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) exfoliant.

Below are our recommendations for the right exfoliant for your skin:

1. Phyto-Peel Lotion from Cinq Mondes

Ideal for: Oily or combo skin, breakouts, teens or hormonal blemishes, sensitive skin


This is a daily toner with Natural Fruit Acids (AHA’s) and Glycolic Acid that very gently provides a resurfacing effect to the skin post-cleansing. A great “intro” option to those that may not typically use an exfoliant or for those that feel their skin may be more sensitive. When used on a cotton round and wiped over the face after cleansing the skin, this cooling liquid provides progressive exfoliation and your skin improves over time because it’s a gentler approach. It’s incredibly helpful to keep surface oil at bay during the day and to ward off breakout occurrences.


2. 3-Min Phyto-Peel Gel Mask from Cinq Mondes

Ideal for:  Normal or combo skin, breakouts, large pores


If you are looking for a “quick-fix” exfoliant that provides more intensive, visible results this is your go-to weekly treatment. This exfoliating gel mask contains AHA’s from Lemon, Orange and Blueberry, plus Glycolic Acid, Kombucha and natural “skin tightening” ingredients derived from oats. The result? You can expect to see spa treatment results in this amped up exfoliant that is completely safe for home use: refined pores and diminished appearances of fine lines in just three minutes, unveiling a luminous, youthful-looking complexion.


3. Facial Glow AHA Radiance Polish from Elemental Herbology

Ideal for: All skin types, especially dull skin, uneven skin tone, blackheads, pigmentation and/or polluted environments


This formula provides a more enhanced exfoliation because it contains Jojoba beads that act as a mechanical exfoliant, paired with natural fruit AHA’s from Apple, Papaya and Orange. It is then topped off with rich ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil and Honey that facilitate hydration leaving skin unbelievably baby soft when finished. This fruity-fresh smelling formula safely, yet profoundly, eradicates roughness to promote immediate brightness. It noticeably minimizes skin blemishes and clarifies clogged pores.


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