Cinq Mondes

Flowers Rain Tonic Anti-Pollution (3.4 fl.oz.)


This protective, radiance-boosting facial mist shields the skin from environmental pollution with nourishing, plant-based ingredients.  Inspired a Balinese beauty tradition in which princesses ritualistically sprinkled their skin with floral water.  Ideal for all skin types.  

  • Bio Protect, a complex blend of natural anti-oxidants from Fruit Pectins and Ginseng, preserves skin against aggressive environmental factors.  
  • Freesia, considered magical and sacred in Bali, refreshes the skin, boosts radiance, and helps to relax the mood. 
  • White Lily protects and soothes.
  • Hibiscus is rich in amino acids and vitamins to protect skin from free radicals linked to environmental pollution.

During summer time, store in the fridge for the perfect refreshing facial mist. Use as often as you wish!

Proven Results:

  • 80% of users found that their complexion is more radiant immediately*

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