Cinq Mondes

Eau Egyptienne Aromatic Mist (3.4 fl.oz.)


Fresh Aromatic Mists combine the power of active plant ingredients with unique aromatic concentrates to create captivating, natural aromas for use on body, hair, pillow or as a room spray. This fresh mist takes you on a sensorial journey to Egypt and uses ingredients based on the ancient Kyphi Fragrance, the first potion created for the Pharaoh-Queen Hatshepsut. Its aroma has the power to relieve daily tensions and brighten the mind. Spray a fine mist as often as needed.

  • Lotus has an incredibly soothing aroma
  • Rose encourages emotional balance
  • Mint has a stimulating and fresh sccent
  • Papyrus has a woodsy and earthy aroma
  • Myrrh has a warm, spicy and sensual aroma
  • Juniper has a fresh, pine-like aroma
  • Jasmine has a subtle, warm and sensual scent

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