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Eau Egyptienne® Travel Size (0.8 fl.oz.)

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A refreshing combination of Lotus, Jasmine, Rose, Mint and other plant aromatic concentrates, perfect for misting on skin, hair, pillows, fabrics, or the air of any room.

Active plant ingredients and unique aromatic concentrates come together in Fresh Aromatic Mists, providing captivating, multitudinous natural aromas. Eau Egyptienne® Aromatic Mist brings forth the ancient Kyphi Fragrance - a potion originally crafted for Pharaoh-Queen Hatshepsut - whose aroma can help reduce stress, brighten the dreams and promote a positive mental state. Enjoy the beneficial effects of a fine mist, as often as desired.

Lotus: has an incredibly soothing aroma

Rose: encourages emotional balance

Mint: has a stimulating and fresh scent

Papyrus: has a woodsy and earthy aroma

Myrrh: has a warm, spicy and sensual aroma

Juniper: has a fresh, pine-like aroma

Jasmine: has a subtle, warm and sensual scent

    Travel size Aromatic mist for body or room with Rose, Mint, Geranium, Cypress, Jasmine
    Eau Egyptienne® Travel Size (0.8 fl.oz.) Sale price$20.00