Cinq Mondes

Five Flowers Radiance Cream (1.7 fl.oz.)


This certified organic face cream harnesses the powerful properties of five tropical Balinese flowers to hydrate and illuminate the skin.  Use this light-weight, fluid moisturizer daily to boost skin's brightness, radiance and luminosity.   

  • Lotus Flower has been used for beauty purposes for centuries for its great richness and moisturizing power.
  • Frangipani, the symbolic flower of tropical beauty and freshness, has softening, hydrating and purifying properties.  
  • Hibiscus is rich in amino acids and vitamins to protect skin from free radicals linked to environmental pollution. 
  • Gardenia is rich in antioxidants for supreme nourishment.
  • Ylang Ylang balances the skin, eliminating excess oil.
  • Kombuchka™ works in combination with the five flowers to enhance cream's powerful nourishing properties.  Derived from black tea, it is rich in Vitamin B and antioxidants.

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