Cinq Mondes

Flowers Cleansing Mousse (5.1 fl.oz.)


This lush, soft foaming cleanser eliminates impurities, removes makeup, tightens pores, and restores the skin's radiance.  Based on a traditional beauty recipes from Bali, it combines the purifying properties of Ginger, Cinnamon & Burnet with the nourishing properties of four Balinese flowers.  Ideal for normal and combination skin.  

  • Ginger, Burnet & Cinnamon (Phytoactive Complex) provide astringent and toning properties that tighten the pores and firm the features.  You will feel an instant tingling effect! 
  • Hibiscus is rich in amino acids and vitamins to protect skin from free radicals linked to environmental pollution.
  • Gardenia is rich in antioxidants for supreme nourishment.
  • Ylang Ylang, balances the skin, eliminating excess oil.
  • Frangipani, the symbolic flower of tropical beauty and freshness, has softening, hydrating and purifying properties. 

The Flowers Cleansing Mousse should not be used to cleanse eye makeup- start your cleansing routine by removing eye makeup with the Organic Five Flowers Micellar Water.

Also works wonderfully as a shaving cream for men.

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