Cinq Mondes

Sublime Brightening Cream (1.7 fl.oz.)

A revolutionary new solution to correct and prevent dark spots, boost radiance and protect skin, resulting in a beautiful, porcelain complexion.
Inspired by the Korean Traditional Pharmacopoeia, this innovative cream encompasses the power of plants with "perfect skin" virtues used by Korean women, complete with a refreshing gel-cream texture that leaves behind a perfect matte finish.
  • Magnolia Kobus Complex and Licorice, have incredible anti-dark spot power.
  • The stem of the Magnolia Kobus flower has antioxidant power that is 1,000x higher than Vitamin C.
  • The root of Licorice is 100x more powerful than Vitamin C, due to its content of glabridin, one of the most powerful natural de-pigmenting molecules.
  • Uvaxine®, a patented active derived from Knotweed, boosts natural detoxification enzymes to protect skin cells from UV ray damage.
  • 81% find their skin better protected from the appearance of new spots
  • 86% find their bare skin more beautiful, and their complexion brighter
  • 91% find their complexion more radiant after only 4 weeks* 

*Validated by the users: test of use on 22 women, results after 8 weeks of combined use with the serum / 4 weeks of use for the 91%

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