Cinq Mondes

Sublime Brightening Serum (1 fl.oz.)


A revolutionary, triple action serum for all skin types to correct and prevent dark spots, increase radiance and protect the skin from UV’s. Results you will see in as little as 10 days! Based on a beauty ritual from Jeju, Korea and the “art of porcelain skin”, this innovative serum contains a unique super power combination of Magnoia, Licorice and patented Uvaxine to leave your skin brighter, dark spots dramatically reduced, with a more even complexion. TIP: This serum can always be applied to other areas of concern, such as dark spots on the hands.

  • Licorice Root is100x more effective than Vitamin C to reduce dark spots, due to its content of glabridin, one of the most powerful natural depigmenting molecules.
  • Magnolia Kobus Flower antioxidant power that is 1,000x higher than Vitamin E.
  • Uvaxine® a powerful, natural cell protector derived from Japanese Knotweed that fights against UVA and UVB’s. 

PROVEN RESULTS after 56 days:

  • 91% of users confirm a more even complexion
  • 80% of users found their skin more radiant and glowing
  • 82% of users confirm dark-spots were reduced

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