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Sublime Brightening Serum (1 fl.oz.)

Sale price$124.00

A pioneering lightweight serum that combats dark spots, reduces hyperpigmentation, enhances luminosity, and defends skin.

Drawing on traditional Korean beauty routines, this quickly-penetrating serum synthesizes the potency of plant-based ingredients renowned for their 'porcelain skin' properties to impart a luminous, soft complexion. Results can be seen in as little as 10 days, resulting in increased radiance, decreased dark spots, and a more uniform appearance. A must-try for those seeking to preserve a youthful look.

Magnolia flower extract: the stem of this flower has an antioxidant capacity that is 1,000 times that of Vitamin C.

Licorice root: is 100 times more effective than Vitamin C, due to its high concentration of glabridin, a highly potent, naturally-occurring skin-lightening agent.

Uvaxine®: a patented component from Knotweed, activates the skin's innate detoxification enzymes to safeguard cells from exposure to UV rays.

    anti-dark spot, light-weight serum to correct and prevent pigmentation, boost radiance and protect skin
    Sublime Brightening Serum (1 fl.oz.) Sale price$124.00