Cinq Mondes

Tropical Nuts Melting Body Balm (6.8 fl.oz.)


This heavenly scented, ultra-nourishing balm with its creamy texture will make you melt! A nourishing and hydrating balm based on a recipe traditionally used in the Kingdom of Siam (Thailand) to restore softness and radiance to the skin. This formula made from Tamanu, Coconut and Kemiri oil has a very unique texture, starting off solid and then melting into your warm skin. Skin is immediately deeply nourished and regains its silky and radiant appearance.

  • Tamanu Nut oil from the "sacred tree" is restoring and nurturing for dry, damaged skin
  • Coconut oil is known for it anti-bacterial properties, and it is incredible healing and protective for skin
  • Kemiri Oil from the Pacific Islands, is rich in Vitamin A, C and E, plus essential fatty acids. Excellent for chapped skin, it is protective and moisturizing.

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