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Article: A guide to scent-sational gifts for mom

A guide to scent-sational gifts for mom

A guide to scent-sational gifts for mom

Mother’s Day is May 8th and we believe there is no better gift then a natural, fragrance. There are parfums and then there are more natural ways to scent her body and environment.  Our selection at BeautyProphet offers mom (and you) a wide range of scents powered by natural plants that can become her personal scent, pamper her body or fill her room with natural aromas. Today, we will guide you on aromatic notes and scent families so you can choose the best gift for her.

Scent notes:

A fragrance is composed in layers – its ingredients are constructed in a way to “open” with top note aromas that will most impress, even out with full-bodied middle/heart notes and have a base note for an “even” delivered aroma that will allow the scent to last on the skin or in the air for an extended period.

1. Scents for her tender soul that are calming:

Eau Egyptienne Fresh Aromatic Mist

  • A captivating mélange of 11 essential oils including Papyrus, Rose, Mint, Geranium, Cypress, Jasmine creates a unique well-being aroma

Jasmine & Rose Body Oil

  • Heavenly Rose and Jasmine essential oils impart a sensual aroma on the skin for hours while Jojoba, Calendula and Sunflower oils deeply rehydrate and nourish.


2. Soft and warm scents that are comforting:

Eau Bengalore Fresh Aromatic Mist

  • A blend of Vanilla and Cardamom envelope the body for a feeling of warmth and comfort

Soothe Bath & Body Oil

  • The delicate and peaceful aromas of Rose, Ylang Ylang and Lavender calm the mind


3. Scents to help her relax and de-stress:

Eau Siam Fresh Aromatic Mist

  • A sparkling blend of Bergamot and Guaiac Wood to bid stress farewell and awaken the senses

Harmony Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser

  • Restore balance throughout your space with the earthy aromas of ylang ylang, frankincense and cedarwood

Harmony Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil

  • A dual-purpose, natural oil for bath or body to calm and restore balance with aromas of Cedarwood, Mandarin and Lime


4. Zesty pick-me-up scents that are mood-boosting

Eau de L'Atlas Fresh Aromatic Mist

  • Pure Orange Leaf, Fruit and flower essential oils create a fresh “endless summer” feeling, with undernotes of Egyptian Basil and Cedar

Zest Reed Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • Energize your space with the uplifting aroma of sweet orange, bergamot and neroli

Zest Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil

  • A dual-purpose, natural oil for bath or body to boost energy and help you feel alert with Marjoram, Sweet Orange and Rosemary essential oils

More from the zesty Sweet Orange & Rosemary aromatic family:

Zest Sugar Body Polish

Sweet Orange & Rosemary Body Wash

Sweet Orange & Rosemary Body Cream


5. Exotic and fresh scents perfect for the season change from winter to spring

Eau Du Brésil Fresh Aromatic Mist

  • Fresh top notes of Lime pulp and Coconut water transport you to a tropical vacation with a stimulating base note of White Cedar

Rejuvenate Reed Diffuser

  • Awaken your space with the rejuvenating aroma of ginger, lemongrass and nutmeg

Rejuvenate Bath & Body Oil

  • A dual-purpose, natural oil for bath or body with Ho Leaf, Lemongrass and Nutmeg to relive muscle aches and invigorate

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