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Article: Spring ahead: 4 ways to look and feel rested

Spring ahead: 4 ways to look and feel rested

Spring ahead: 4 ways to look and feel rested

This Sunday, March 13th clocks spring ahead 1 hour- we lose one hour of precious sleep. On the upside, we can now ‘hit refresh’ and look forward to warmer temps, a longer duration of sunlight and fresh spring blooms. That one hour of lost sleep can really affect our overall mood and appearance, which can take a few days to adjust. Here’s a few ways you can help make it an easier adjustment and still look rested:

#1 Shift your sleep time earlier – but take a bath first

It's an unfortunate truth, but most of us are not getting enough sleep nightly – and when we take another hour away it can be incredibly draining to the body and appearance. The best advice is to try and prepare your body a few days prior to the time change and move all of your normal nightly routine tasks at least 30 min-1 hour up. We recommend taking a soothing bath at least an hour before you want to be in bed. Taking a bath, especially at bedtime, helps to relax the body and calm the mind.  It prepares you for sleep by relieving tension and stress, while making a clear break between your active day and restful night.

Try: Soothe Bath & Body Oil from Elemental Herbology

Natural, high-quality Rose Damask, Lavender and Ylang Ylang combine to create an uber-relaxing soak that will send all the day’s worries away and help you drift off into a peaceful sleep, faster.


#2 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Hydration is life! Drinking plenty of water daily keeps the body healthy, feeling good and our skin looking glowy. (Hydrated skin is beautiful skin!) In addition to drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day, you could also supplement an extra dose of topical hydration on the skin regularly, especially during the time change, because at night, our bodies naturally lose water through our skin while we sleep. This can result in dull, undernourished skin with visible dehydration lines.

Try: Pre+Probiotic Hydration Serum from Cinq Mondes

A hydration antidote for all skin types, it contains a Prebiotic + Probiotic complex to provide the right nutrients to the skin keeping it in a healthy, balanced state, plus Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate and plump. Simply apply a layer of this gel-water-like serum directly after cleansing and toning.


#3 De-puff and glow-up tired looking eyes

I think we can all agree, the number one concern when you feel tired, is that your eyes look tired. When Monday morning comes and the time change is still slowing you down, it's time to put the focus on your eyes and de-puff – which really means getting some circulation going in the area to get them drained, looking brighter and awake!

Try: Vital Eyes Roller Eye Serum from Elemental Herbology

Awaken tired eyes with this energizing eye roller serum containing Niacinamide, Kombucha and a probiotic complex. A must-have in your daily routine, the roller application action will help stimulate to lighten darkness and de-puff


#4 Exercise

Regular physical activity is always good for your health, and your sleep. Go for a run or walk in the evening, but make sure it's at least 2 hours before your bedtime. Too close to bedtime can be too stimulating, your body needs some time to “cool down” before bed. For an extra calming ritual and to soothe those muscles afterwards…

Try: Muscle Melt Balm from Elemental Herbology

A potent blend of natural oils, Turmeric and Ginger combine to work double-duty on both dry skin and to relieve deep muscle aches and pains.

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