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Article: Ancient Balinese beauty secrets you can still use today

Ancient Balinese beauty secrets you can still use today
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Ancient Balinese beauty secrets you can still use today

Beauty rituals and recipes have existed for thousands of years- a way to practice self-care, pamper and keep ourselves youthful. And, we have many different cultures and philosophies to thank for their secrets that have inspired modern day versions of beauty products. Back then, nature’s ingredients were the only option, and natural plant ingredients contain a wealth of benefits for our bodies and skin – it’s refreshing to go “back to the roots” and dig up beauty secrets that are actually alive in today’s modern world!

In fact, the French brand Cinq Mondes (translated to Five Worlds) encompasses ancient beauty rituals in everything they do – their brand foundation is “beauty rituals of the world” and the founders travelled the globe in search of holistic beauty secrets to recreate into modern day formulations, still utilizing pure plant ingredients.  Let’s take a closer look at a few core items that were inspired by traditional Balinese secrets…

Bali is home to some of the most captivating tropical flowers and fruits...

and in ancient beauty traditions, Balinese princesses would utilize these natural ingredients for maximum radiance- to impart an incomparable glow to the skin.

Papaya Puree Body Polish:

Dating back to the 16th century is an ancient ritual that still survives to this day by locals. It consisted of rubbing a mixture of crushed fresh papaya fruit and rice granules on the skin to exfoliate and produce a radiant glow – today we know this as a body scrub. This secret inspired Cinq Mondes' Papaya Puree Body Polish, a formulation of Papaya extract, rich with the Papain enzyme which naturally sheds dead skin, as well as Diatomaceous Earth, tiny grains of marine minerals to act as the manual exfoliation on the skin. This daily in-shower body polish leaves skin smelling incredible, soft, smooth and glowing – just like the skin of a Balinese princess.


Flowers Cleansing Balm:

Let’s shift gears to skincare, and take a look at how in ancient traditions, Balinese stage actresses would remove their heavy make-up (or make-up that today in the modern world would be equivalent to waterproof).  They would apply a mixture of pure Mango butter, Passion Fruit oil and tropical flowers all over the face which would instantly dissolve all the color pigments and completely clean the skin. Today, Cinq Mondes gives us this very special Cleansing Balm, an improved version of this ancient recipe, but with the same qualities and very kind to the skin. Its velvety-soft melting texture deep cleans the pores and removes all traces of makeup, for instantly glowing, hydrated skin.


Seeds & Flowers Exfoliant:

One of Bali’s most “beautifying” treatments is known as the Lular recipe, created in the 17th century in royal palaces. An exfoliating paste comprised of tropical flowers, turmeric, ginger and more- it was and still is a stunning way of giving skin supreme radiance and softness.  In fact, in Bali, 7 days before a wedding, the bride would apply the paste all over her body to achieve maximum radiance by the wedding day.  Cinq Mondes has recreated this recipe today as the Seeds & Flowers Exfoliant, combining Diatomaceous Earth and Organic Turmeric. It is a weekly face exfoliating solution for a healthy and radiant complexion – and don’t just take our word for it, it’s loved by all!


We welcome you to enjoy these beautiful rituals in your own home, and let us all give thanks to the wonderful founders who discovered the bountiful benefits of mother earth’s finest ingredients.

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