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Article: Sun's Out! Powerhouse antioxidants to help protect your skin

Sun's Out! Powerhouse antioxidants to help protect your skin

Sun's Out! Powerhouse antioxidants to help protect your skin

Summer is coming, and sunscreen is an essential daily step, even if you are not out in the sun for long periods of time (year-round).  The sun’s rays are damaging your skin when you least expect it: is your work-at-home desk close to a window? Is the sunroof open on your drive home from the store? Were you “quickly” picking weeds from your flower bed this past weekend? No matter how many steps in your daily skincare regimen, always end with an even coat of sunscreen.

But, did you know that you can actually ENHANCE your protection from UV ray damage with natural ingredients in your daily regimen too? The key is using ingredients that are potent antioxidants to fight off free-radicals which can cause increased pigmentation, redness and premature aging (lines and wrinkles!)

What are free radicals you might ask? They are “unstable” atoms that damage cells. So, when we expose our skin to excess UV rays and blue-light, there is an excess of free radicals, causing oxidative stress to our skin, which produces an enzyme that breaks down the collagen and elastin in our skin, causing damage. Yikes!!

Here are two powerhouse natural ingredients to help protect your skin (in addition to your sunscreen):



This cell-protecting, patented active ingredient is derived from Knotweed with a goal to boost the natural detoxification enzymes in skin to help protect the skin cells from UV ray oxidative damage. It allows the skin to benefit from the advantages of light exposure without aging it. You can find this powerhouse ingredient in the Cinq Mondes Sublime Brightening Serum and Sublime Brightening Cream. 

BONUS! both of these stellar products additionally lighten and help prevent dark spots and impart a radiant, daily glow for a “porcelain-like” complexion. Plus, they are a great option for all skin types, especially the light-weight Sublime Brightening Serum. It smells amazing, and absorbs super quickly. The Sublime Brightening Cream has a nice matte finish, so it’s a great option to wear during the day under makeup during the warmer months. What could be better?


The most common form of natural resveratrol you’ve probably heard of is from red grapes, however the highest known concentration of Resveratrol also comes from Japanese Knotweed- a potent antioxidant and cell-protector that is clinically proven to neutralize free radicals and harmful environmental influences. (not an spf)

With a 2% Resveratrol concentration, reveel by MedSkin Solutions Resveratrol Concentrate and Resveratrol Eye Cream not only protect your skin but provide stunning firming and line reducing results after only 8 weeks of daily use, take a look for yourself: 

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