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Article: Extra thoughtful gifts for every type of mom

Extra thoughtful gifts for every type of mom

Extra thoughtful gifts for every type of mom

Mother’s Day is a special day, a time to truly recognize and appreciate all of the amazing mothers (and the people that care for you like a mother).  All the moms out there deserve something extra special this year, because the past one has certainly been an extra test to “mom hood” (hello all the working at-home, home-schooling and keeping the household under control moms!) Give or send her a token of love, and nothing says that better than the gift of beauty and self-care.

Shop Self-care gifts >

Let mom indulge, relax and pamper herself, because she deserves it, with our round-up of only the best body self-care essentials, featuring an array of botanical Bath oils, moisturizing body oils, and balms.

  1. Detox Bath & Body Oil from Elemental Herbology 
  2. Moroccan Dreams Body Trio from Cinq Mondes (value set- save $20) 

Shop Luxurious Body Gifts >

Our natural body moisturizers, balms and indulgent body oils are nourishing and luxurious to leave skin silky soft, smelling divine and feeling radiant.

  1. Tropical Nuts Melting Body Balm from Cinq Mondes 
  2. Omega Oil Multi-Purpose Body Oil from Botanico Vida

Shop Aromatherapy Home Gifts >

  1. Rejuvenation Reed Diffuser from Elemental Herbology 
  2.  Eau du Bresil Aromatic Mist from Cinq Mondes: for home, body and hair 


Shop Skincare savvy gifts >

Is your mom always checking the ingredient labels? Is she incredibly savvy with natural ingredients and what they are used for? Well, get ready to blow her mind with these top-performers 

  1. Géto Suprême Cream from Cinq Mondes 
  2. Resveratrol Firming Concentrate from reveel by MedSkin Solutions 

Shop Skincare Essential Gifts >

Why not suprise mom with a complete new skincare regimen, everything she needs from start to finish! We've conveniently bundled essential products to use in a daily regimen, designed for a specific skin concern- and best of all to make gift giving easy for you!

  1. Age Support Essentials Set (value set- save $74.25) 
  2. Radiant Glow Essentials Set (value set- save $61.50) 

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