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Article: ‘Five Element’ natural nourishment: what element do you need?

‘Five Element’ natural nourishment: what element do you need?

‘Five Element’ natural nourishment: what element do you need?

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water…. Ancient Chinese philosophy tells us that everything in life is composed of and influenced by these five different elements. They influence who we are, what we feel, and they can be affected by many different factors such as our lifestyle, diet, stress levels, routine and the seasons. Just as your diet and clothes change with the different seasons, your dominant element can also change throughout the year. Life is transient; different aspects of the environment can disrupt the flow of energy and balance.  

The UK brand, Elemental Herbology, focuses everything they do around the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and today we're putting the spotlight on their ‘Five Element’ Bath & Body Oils to bring you the right remedy, at the right time.

So, which one do you need?

Wood to rejuvenate a tired body

The wood element is aligned to spring, a time of awakening and fresh new growth. Wood energy is most active in the morning, and is most suitable for an active person that’s always on the go.

Best for: Tired, aching muscles.



Lemongrass: Works as an anti-inflammatory and helps to clear the mind.

Ho Leaf: Helps to warm and relax tight muscles.

Nutmeg: Improves circulation to ease aches and pains.


Fire for zesty energy

The fire element is aligned to summer, a time for activity and high energy. Fire energy is most active at midday, and this element is most suitable for a person lacking energy, one that travels often or maybe has trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

Best for: A shot of energy.


Sweet Orange: A tonic for energizing the body.

Rosemary: Works as an anti-inflammatory and helps to stimulate the mind.

Marjoram: Rich in antioxidants, aids digestion and helps to boost energy flow.


Earth for more harmony

The earth element is aligned to late summer, a time for completion and harmony. Earth energy is at its most active in the afternoon, and this element is most suited for a person that doesn’t take time for themselves, a work-a-holic or someone that needs to restore inner balance.

Best for: Emotional fatigue, overworked


Mandarin: Mentally uplifting and helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Cedarwood: Soothing and calming, encourages the release of serotonin.

Lime: Helps to restore energy and refresh the mind.


Metal to detox

The metal element is aligned to autumn, a time for boosting reserves. Metal energy is at its most active in the evening, and this element is most suitable for a person that often “over-indulges” or feels sluggish and run down.

Best for: A sluggish body and cluttered mind.


Rosemary: Improves circulation, aids digestion and stimulates the mind.

Grapefruit: Helps to aid a general detox and stimulate healthy digestion.

Juniper Berry: Cleansing and purifying, helps to and improve circulation.


Water to soothe and relax

The water element is aligned to winter, a time for rest and repair. Water energy is at its most active at night, and this element is most aligned to a person that has trouble sleeping because of an “active mind”, often worries and has trouble relaxing.

Best for: Aiding a peaceful night's sleep.


Lavender: Relaxes body and mind, helping to induce sleep.

Ylang Ylang: Promotes feelings of well-being and encourages positivity.

Rose Damask: Deeply nourishes skin and evokes feelings of joy, happiness and hope.


The best part:

Each five element aromatherapy oil is dual purpose for the bathtub or for use as a nourishing body oil.

Add 2-3 pumps into a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes.  And/Or, after your bath, apply the body oil to clean, dry skin to nourish and hydrate.

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